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How to Bet on Soccer: The Ultimate Guide to Live Sports Betting

When it comes to football betting, it’s important to understand the difference between pre-match bets and live bets. The former stands for a bet that has been placed in advance of a game, while live sports betting is when you place a bet on an event that’s going live.

The majority of the events are available both as pre-match bets and as live bets. These include moneyline bets, handicap bets, parlay bets, totals, and so on. However, with live sports betting you have the chance to monitor the game in real-time and see exactly what’s happening on the field. This can give you a big advantage over the bookmaker at times.

Let’s say that the favorite is leading by two goals. In that scenario, it’s very unlikely that anyone will bet on the underdog. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the favorite will win in such situations 100% of the time. There are many factors that you should consider, so it’s always important to think two steps ahead.

Finding value bets in real-time isn’t as easy, because of the constant odds changes. At times, they change so quickly that it’s impossible to place the bet you want, especially if you are watching multiple events at the same time. It’s definitely possible but takes a lot of experience.

In short, it’s best to stay away from live bets if you are new to the world of gambling. Otherwise, you might lose your bankroll very quickly.

In today’s guide, we’ll talk about live soccer betting and the things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

Live Soccer Betting Explained

By now you already know how live betting works, so there is no point in dwelling on this topic. Just remember that there is no difference between the pre-match and live betting markets. They work the same way.

The next thing that we want to talk about is live bets and their increased popularity. You need to learn how to make good bets to have a chance against the bookie.

Remember that you can only place a pre-match bet before the game, while live bets are the exact opposite. You can place them at any given moment and get additional excitement by watching the game.

Luckily, live sports betting is as popular as ever, which means that you can place a bet on practically any game situation. For instance, you can bet on the number of corner kicks, yellow cards, the next goal, penalty kick, and so on. The number of similar betting markets is endless.

Some might say that it’s impossible to predict any of these things. However, that’s not exactly true. You can make a good guess while watching the match. For instance, if team A mainly plays on the left because they identified a weak spot in the opposing back four and the opposing right-back was ultimately only able to get by with fouls, he could be very close to a yellow card. And the live sports betting odds may be high enough to result in a value bet.

It is important that you realize that a live bet does not change depending on supply and demand, but that the algorithms of the bookmakers’ odds systems always take effect here with every adjustment. And that means that you’ll rarely find a positive expected value – not to mention there’s often not enough time to recalculate it.

Therefore, the biggest mistake you can make here is to place bets without doing the math first. Since speed is a key factor here, the chances of making a mistake increase significantly. It is precisely this aspect that you must counteract.

Of all the people who make a profit monthly from sports betting, only a very small percentage are making live bets. Simply because in pre-match, it is much easier and more sustainable to play according to the rules of mathematics.


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