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How to completely manage your handyman business from your smartphone?

It has long been no secret that to facilitate the process of managing your business, it is worth using specialized software and applications.

Even from your phone, you can successfully run your handyman business. You can manage customers, create orders, write notes, track payments, accept online payments, or even schedule with this amazing little device – your smartphone.

You no longer need to go through a pile of paper. Use digital documents instead. It is not only convenient but also economical for your business.

In addition, specialized handyman software for mobile platforms is readily available for anyone to use. Specialized software technology for handymen will save you the hassle of paperwork and also make you more professional in the eyes of your clients.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then we advise you to get rid of your old notebook and follow these steps to successfully move to the next level.

Point 1: Availability of a smartphone.

Today, you rarely meet anyone without a smartphone in your pocket. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of iPhones or Android phones, finding a handyman app will be easy.

Point 2: Choosing software to manage your clients.

When choosing a dedicated handyman software, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that the main factor behind its good rating is this useful application for managing your clients.

With this feature, you can not only track your customers and manage their orders, but also receive notifications reminding you of upcoming appointments, build optimal routes and even see the time you spend on the road-based on the traffic congestion on your roads.

Benefits of a quality handyman app:

  • The ability to manage customer information;
  • The ability to set up automatic answers to the most popular customer questions;
  • Create rates so that your customers can see them immediately when ordering a service;
  • Email payment receipts;
  • Online payment option;
  • Structuring reports, accounts and history of your clients;
  • Set up a work schedule;
  • Schedule meetings for a day, a week, a month or even six months in advance.

High quality dedicated handyman software will be able to do all of this at the same time and give you a high level of productivity and productivity.

Point 3: Accept online payment.

It is important that a specialized application helps you keep your accounting records. High-quality handyman accounting software must have the function of accepting online payments. This will not only make your job easier, but it will also improve your customer experience /

Point 4: Ability to take notes.

For any job, it is significant to enter notes and possibly make notes for orders. In the work of a handyman, such a function is simply necessary. A good handyman management application should include this functionality natively. In addition, notes should be synchronized between all accounts of your team so that they can see comments on the order from any device.

Using the note function can significantly improve your business, for example

  • Add notes to orders, even attach images;
  • Maintain a list of how needed consumables for the purchase;
  • Enter a list of regular customers;
  • Create a list of common tasks.

Point 5: Configure GPS maps.

I work in a business providing handyman services, you can often get into funny situations when you go to a client’s address. You can easily avoid this by installing GPS maps on your phone.

Again, if you are using a high-quality specialized handyman application, it will most likely have in its arsenal navigation maps for building a route.

But if it so happens that the built-in GPS maps are missing in your application, you can integrate third-party applications. It will be ideal if, in addition to building a route and calculating the time of arrival at the address, the maps will also show the traffic congestion and traffic jams that can be avoided

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