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How to convert 10 days of annual leave to 26 days in 2022

It is no exaggeration to say that this year was completely amortized. holiday But we live with hope.

If you had to postpone yours Honeymoon, Cancel your backpacking trip or Travel Bug, 2022 is the year to bring travel back to the map-and, of course, to support the fledgling travel industry.

Plus, with some clever diary hacks, you can actually turn 10 days of annual leave 26th (!!) To really maximize your time.

Yes, thanks to the perfect bank holiday tweaks and additional bank holiday news to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, we can turn just a 10-day annual vacation into a whopping 26-day vacation. (Surely life will come back) By then normal? !! )

The latest Skyscanner survey reveals that 82% of UK travelers are already planning 2022 trips in Orlando, Bangkok, New York, Sydney, Tenerife, Geneva, Miami, Tokyo and Las. I am. The most popular destination in Vegas. So how can you maximize your travel dates? That’s exactly how …

How to Tactically Double Annual Leave in 2022

There will be nine UK banking holidays in 2022. You can basically double your holidays by strategically working on the annual leave you book this year.

Some important dates to plan ahead:

April 2022

  • Maximize Easter Bank Holidays (Friday April 18-Monday 25 April)
  • 10 consecutive days off from April 19th to 22nd

June 2022

  • Maximize the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Thursday, June 2nd-Friday, June 3rd)
  • 7 consecutive days off from May 30th to June 1st

August 2022

  • Maximize summer bank vacations
  • Please take 9 consecutive days from August 30th to September 2nd

“Travel gives people the opportunity to get away from their daily routines, explore the world around them, reconnect with their loved ones, disconnect and relax,” said Gavin, a Skyscanner pricing and trading expert. Harris says. Between the last toes left, the holidays give us forever memories and lasting impressions.

“Last year, the pandemic caused people to book their trips, and as uncertainty continues, travel bookings have normalized and are beginning to shift to seasonal patterns. The British are beginning to see this landscape (and the weather). Longing for change!), But more and more focused on planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to 2022. Incorporating bank holidays (or two) into your plans to maximize your very long weekends. By taking advantage of it, we can further advance next year’s annual vacation. “

How to convert 10 days of annual leave to 26 days in 2022

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