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How to eliminate termites?

Headbanging is not only associated with rock music! A less known fact is that termites bang their heads against walls and shake their bodies whenever their colonies are disturbed, making clicking sounds. Having termites in your wooden furniture can be terrifying. There is nothing more dangerous than termites for your wooden furniture and other things. The worst part is that it is difficult to notice when the infestation creeps in.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to get rid of termites

Know your termite

The two most popular types of termites that can harm wooden furniture are drywood and subterranean. Subterranean termites are capable of living in both soil and wood. These prefer moist conditions, where building their colonies is easier. Most probably, subterranean termites attack under homes and destroy wooden foundations. Unlike their cousins, dry wood termites do not need moist conditions to survive. They prefer investing and living in dry woods like siding, walls, eaves, etc.

Identifying termite infestation

.1 Search for holes and cracks in the woodwork. Push against it with a pointed object, and if it falls, it gives a surety of termites being present.

.2 Always look for sawdust, wood-colored termite droppings, or insect wings around the areas where cracks on chips appear on the wooden furniture.

.3 Formation of mud cubes on the walls of the house signifies the presence of subterranean termites.

Taking professional help is advisable for getting rid of termites. But if the infestation is not severe, then you can get rid of termites with the following DIY tips:

#1 Expose To Sunlight

Since termites infest in moist and dark conditions, leaving your wooden furniture in Sunlight for 2-3 days continuously may help send them away. Since termites cannot stand the heat and they die off quickly. This method also aids in getting rid of moisture in your furniture, which Prevents further infestation.

#2 Make a cardboard trap

Cardboard is made up of Celulose, and it has a woody smell that is hard for termites to resist. Moisten it with water to intensify the scent and place it near the affected area. Very soon, the termites will lure out to the Open cardboard. You may then Burn or discard the cardboard to get rid of termites in wooden furniture.

#3 Spray Boric Acid

You need to prepare a solution of water and borax powder and spray it on the affected area. This method is non-toxic, and it ensures that termites in the wooden furniture vanish after a few sprays. You can also collab this method with a cardboard trap for quick results.

#4 Use parasitic nematodes

Parasitic nematodes are tiny ones that burrow into termite larvae and terminate them within two days. You can obtain them from a local nursery or online stores.

#5 Oil Treatments

Neem and orange oil are very effective on termites. The orange oil contains a compound named D-limonene that can kill termites whenever they come in contact. Whereas, Neem oil takes effect once Consumed by termites. You can use either of these oils to spray them over affected areas repeatedly for quick and better results. Hiring the professional pest removal company will help you with safe pest control.


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