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How to file a moving complaint when things turn sour with the moving company?

The thought of moving may excite some people but others get scared about the things that may go wrong. Moving home is a complex procedure that requires a lot of time and attention as even a small mistake can turn into a big loss. The biggest problem that people face during this process is hiring the wrong moving company.

The right moving services are not only expensive but are also hard to find. If you do not get value to your money and the services provided were not up to the mark, you can file a moving complaint but unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the right path to follow to file a moving complaint. You would never have to face such an experience if you hire one of the credible local moving companies from the network of iMoving, but you need to be prepared. Here we will discuss all the aspects related to moving complaints including when to file a moving complaint and how to file it too.

When to File a Moving Complaint

While you may come across many fraudulent moving companies, checking the authenticity of the movers is a must. Ensure that the moving company you are working with is a tried and tested company with record of offering successful and happy moving experiences. It is hard to list all the events that can lead to a moving complaint but the following are some common reasons when you should consider filing a complaint against your hired moving company.

  • If the moving company losses your belongings
  • Loss of partial or all goods
  • Dismissive, unprofessional, or rude behavior of the staff of the moving company
  • Delayed arrival or service of the company
  • If they do not turn up at the committed time or at all.
  • If they are deliberately prolonging the procedure especially when you are paying them on a time basis.
  • Damage of goods due to improper handling or care.
  • Asking for extra charges for the services included in the package
  • Not completing all the assigned tasks.

This is not a final list of reasons that should be considered before making a complaint; you can have your own reasons if you didn’t get satisfactory services from your service provider. It is always a good idea to provide the right customer feedback to your service provider and a good and professional moving company appreciates even negative customer reviews and works on them to provide better services in the future.

How to File a Moving Complaint

Though you can file a complaint against a moving company at various organizations, starting with the moving company itself is a better choice. This will not only give the company a chance to work on their limitations but you will also be saved from unnecessary hassle. But if the issue is really serious and needs extra attention from the authorities, you can follow the steps given below to file a complaint against the moving company.

Collect All the Relevant Evidence

Make sure you gather all possible evidence including a copy of the moving contract, receipts, images of goods and video recordings of packing time, and everything else that can help you in making your case stronger. Lack of evidence can make your case weak so make sure you have everything including the name of company people and labor that worked for you.

Talk to the Moving Company

It is a good idea to talk to the moving company before filing a complaint. You can simply send them an email or talk over the call to claim your damages with relevant proof. Make sure you reach out to the moving company in a polite manner and rationally as anger can spoil the situation even further. Try to solve the situation calmly and show them your evidence and state your facts. Most moving companies try to solve the matter in the beginning only, but in case they do not cater to your request, you should file the complaint.

Decision Making

If your moving company doesn’t respond to your complaint the way you wanted it to be, it is time to make a decision. You can drop the decision of filing a complaint if the moving company offers a sincere apology or is ready to compensate for the damages that occurred. But if they respond aggressively and defensively, it is better to move on with the decision of filing a complaint against them but make sure you keep your calm during the discussion.

Agencies that you can file the complaint with

American Truck Association: You can file a complaint with the American Truck Association as they entertain certain types of moving complaints against companies that are associated with them. Some billing disputes and property damage cases can be resolved by the American Truck Association.

Better Business Bureau: You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against most moving companies. All you have to do is to go through the information given on the consumer complaints page on the website of the Better Business Bureau and follow the instructions for filing the case. The moving company will be notified within 48 hours once you file the case and the decision of the case depends upon the BBB reliability report of the company.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: As we know the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a unit of the United States Department of Transportation, most companies are licensed by them. This authority accepts complaints related to overcharges, delivery failures, damages, and/or lost goods.

You have the right to sue the rogue movers. This guide will help you in navigating the process after a bad experience with a moving company.


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