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How to Get Football Lineups Before the Game

If you’re a fan of the Premier League, you know that the action doesn’t stop when the game ends. There’s always another game to look forward to, and getting lineups for upcoming games is essential for making sure you don’t miss any of the excitement.

And, well, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting until the last minute to find out your football lineup. You spend all week studying stats and matchups, only to find out that Kevin De Bruyne is inexplicably on the bench. But with a little bit of work, you can get your lineups early and avoid any late-minute surprises. Here’s how;

6 Clever Ways to Get Football Lineups Early

1. Use Prediction Sites for Premier League Predicted Lineups

There are a number of websites you can check out for lineup predictions, and one such site is Drafthound. They offer premier league predicted lineups for all the upcoming premier league matches, as well as information on players and teams.

2. If You’re Looking for Specific Players, Check Twitter

Twitter is another great place to find out lineups before they’re announced officially. If you’re looking for specific players, many times people in the know (reporters, agents, etc.) will tweet out information about starting lineups hours before the game. This can be a great way to get an edge on your competition if you’re betting or just want to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

3. Keep an Eye on Club Announcements

Another way to get information on premier league football lineups is by keeping an eye on club announcements. Many clubs will release the lineup for their next match shortly before it kicks off. This can give you a good idea of who is starting and who is not.

Make sure to check out the team’s website or social media channels. 

4. Pay Attention to Injury Reports

Injury reports are a great way to predict premier league lineups. They’ll give some insight into the health of the players, so you’ll know when your favorite player is on the bench, and who is substituting in.

5. Fantasy Football Websites and Apps

You can also check out some of the major fantasy football websites and apps. They often have expert analysts who weigh in on which players are likely to start or sit each week. This can be a great resource for getting premier league football lineups before the game. And, if you’re lucky, they might even give you a sneak peek at some of the substitutes that could see playing time!

Some great fantasy football sites include NFL Fantasy Football, CBS Sports Fantasy, and Footballguys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator

6. Visit Online Football Forums and Chat Rooms

Another great way to get premier league football lineups before the game is to visit online football forums and chat rooms. This can be a great place to find out information about injuries, team changes, and more.

7. Watch Pre-Game Shows on TV

If you want to stay away from the internet altogether, you can always watch pre-game shows on television. Most networks have their own show that previews all the games for the day. This can be a great way to see which players are on the bench, and which ones are playing.

8. Keep in Mind the Recent Form

Finally, don’t forget to take into account recent form when predicting lineups. If one team has been on a winning streak, they’re likely to keep their starters in. However, if a team has been losing, there’s a good chance that the manager will make some changes.


Of course, you can always just wait until kickoff and see who’s in the starting, but where’s the fun in that? Given the nature of modern football, it’s easy to find out the premier league lineup before game day. Most of this information is easily accessible online, but don’t ignore TV shows.

While there is no guarantee that these predictions will be accurate, they can still help you make informed decisions when betting on premier league games. 

Be sure to check out these resources for getting premier league football lineups before the game – it could give you a major edge over your competition!


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