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How to help your child pick a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument can give your child a real boost. Playing an instrument can make you more intelligent, reduce stress, improve your social life and much more! But picking the right one is key: a bad choice will quickly see your child lose interest. Below, we explore how to help your child pick a musical instrument.


When you pick the instrument with your child, you want to ensure that they get the full benefit. As such, you want something that they’ll stick with for years rather than something they’ll quickly give up on. Ideally, you can forge a long-lasting relationship by getting them an instrument that suits their personality. If your child is loud and energetic, they might enjoy an active instrument such as a percussion one. Alternatively, if your child is quiet and introverted then a meditative instrument such as a piano or guitar could work well.

Spend time together

If you’re unsure then you can always spend time with your child engaging in musical activities to see what they enjoy. Whether it’s going to live performances or just by watching your child’s favourite music on YouTube, you can work out the sort of instrument they’d enjoy.

Age and stature

Take into account your child’s age and stature too. Some instruments are much heavier than others and might be too difficult for your child to play. For instance, many brass instruments require some strength plus energy to perform. If your child still has plenty of growing to do, then it might be worth nurturing their love of music with a smaller instrument at first before moving onto something larger. Some instruments are easier for children to play than others and to foster a love of music it could be worth starting with one of these originally.


When picking your child’s instrument you’ll need to ensure it fits with your budget too. Some instruments are much more expensive than others. The cost of installing a piano in your house far outweighs the cost of a beginners’ acoustic guitar. On top of this, you’ll need to consider the cost of teaching. For your child to improve and stick at their instrument they’ll need regular lessons. As such, you should factor this into the price of your instrument and work out the best combination for your child.

Once you’ve worked out the perfect musical instrument for your child to take on, you’ll just need to cover yourself. Musical instrument insurance can give you peace of mind and allow your child to play their instrument without a care in the world.

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