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How to make your staircase safer

You may think your staircase is completely safe and unlikely to cause injury, however, it’s always best to check. To prevent unnecessary accidents, you should ensure your staircase is safe for your family, guests, and pets. So, what signs are there to look out for?

The stair parts specialists at Stair Crazy have produced an informative guide on how to spot a hazard on your stairs and how to make them safer.

Is your staircase currently unsafe?

When determining whether your staircase is safe, consider the following factors that can make them unfit to use.

  • Loose or broken handrails – if your handrail is unsteady, it won’t adequately support those using your stairs, leading to falls and accidents.
  • Slippery stair treads – polished hardwood or marble stairs are more difficult for feet and walking sticks to grip, making them a potential slip hazard.
  • Inadequate lighting – Unlit staircases can make it difficult for people to see their next step, resulting in falls.

4 ways to make your stairs safer


If you’re installing a new staircase or need to upgrade your current one, make sure you consider the following to make it safe.

  1. Invest in or replace your current handrail 

Handrails are long fixed pieces of wood or metal installed alongside your staircase that offer support when moving up and down your stairs.

If unbalanced, users can simply grab the rail to prevent themselves from falling – this is why we recommend fixing one either on the wall or as part of your bannister.


  1. Install lights on your stairs

Don’t make finding your next step a guessing game – be sure to fit lights on or above your stairs to brighten the area.

Unsurprisingly, lights enable much clearer vision on your staircase. People walking up and down can see where they’re stepping, stopping them from missing their step and tripping.

You can install a hanging light on your landing to brighten the whole space or invest in LED stair lighting fitted on each stair tread.

  1. Add anti-slip strips

One of the most effective ways to make your stairs safer is by applying anti-slip strips or stickers to your treads.

These additions have a strong grip textured surface designed to provide traction and grip feet, reducing the chance of slips.

This is extremely beneficial, especially if you have an elderly resident who can’t react quickly to falls.

Textured strips are available in many materials, such as rubber or clear plastic which is fantastic for keeping the appearance of your treads.

  1. Choose a trusted stair parts provider

Don’t just opt for stair parts from any provider – make sure you buy from a reputable and trusted supplier.

Only an established merchant will provide robust and proven stair parts to make your staircase completely safe.

Check out the companies’ online reviews to determine if they supply effective, tried, and tested products.

Remember, don’t compromise on safety – ensure your staircase is fit for purpose and won’t cause preventable accidents.

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