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How to prepare your home for a new fluffy arrival!

So all your dreams came true, and you got a puppy? Lucky you! Don’t take the responsibility lightly, though, not only will those sharp teeth hurt your ankles – they can cause damage to your home, too! Read our tips on how to puppy-proof any home to perfection.

long-coated white puppy litter

  1. Put valuables out of puppy-reach

An expensive rug, a first edition of a favorite book, or your much loved pair of boots – all treasures that should absolutely not meet the teeth of a little destroyer! It’s just a fact that puppies chew, and they do not discriminate! Don’t worry, you can train it out of them – but whilst it still likes to chew, it’s better to put your most prized possessions out of reach for a while.

2. Protect your furniture

Furniture becomes a frequent target of “biting attacks”. Bedspreads and mattresses on sofas or armchairs can be particularly interesting thanks to their soft texture! Therefore, if you are not planning to buy new furniture anytime soon, you will need to protect your existing furniture carefully. Covers or old blankets to cover sofas and armchairs can come in handy. You can also protect furniture effectively by getting plenty of chew toys to keep your puppy entertained, and not leaving them long enough to seriously get into chewing the sofa. Always remember to leave the puppy for small intervals, gradually increasing the time, and never scold or shout at the puppy when you come home to find something destroyed – it only increases their distress, and they often can’t remember what they’ve done!

3. Hide cables and dangerous plants

Sometimes nibbling on household furnishings “just” annoys us, other times it can be really dangerous for a dog. We are talking about various cables or poisonous plants. Your dog should not have access to these things at all – at least until they have the sense (or rather training) to ignore them. Hide the cables in cable organisers or, if you can, put them up high so the puppy can’t get to them. It’s best to remove all plants, but this goes double for some. Species that are highly poisonous to dogs include: Sago Palms, Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Oleander, Philodendrons, Rhododendrons, and Dumb Cane. If you suspect your dog has eaten anything it shouldn’t, take it immediately to the vets.


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