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How to promote yourself as an artist?

If you want to make the most of your career as an artist, you’ll need to promote yourself and your work. While it may seem like a daunting prospect, with a few tips you’ll be well on your way. Keep reading to learn more about how to promote yourself as an artist.

Self-promotion can be scary. It can be awkward and make the best of us uncomfortable. But you don’t have to be a publicity hound to promote yourself as an emerging artist! No matter how you feel about it, self-promotion is imperative to commercial success as an artist, It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are an established artist looking to increase their client list, marketing and promotion are part of the art business. If you’re still feeling lost, don’t worry, we’re exploring the best ways to promote yourself as an artist.

Put yourself first

It should come as no surprise that the first step to effective self-promotion is believing in yourself! Confidence is worth its weight in gold when it comes to promoting yourself as an artist. If you don’t love your work, how can you expect anyone else to. Self-belief doesn’t mean you need to be cocky, it just means you need to be passionate about your work and your vision.

No one knows your work and inspiration better than you, so share that with your audience. Whether you’re talking with an established gallery or your Instagram following, speak about yourself and your work with conviction. If you’re stuck, walk through your portfolio. Your portfolio can act as your lecture notes, and provide a jumping-off point for talking about your vision and your work.

Say it with Style

As an artist, you are a business. You provide a service, creating beautiful contemporary art, and sell that service to collectors. It doesn’t matter whether you sell your pieces in a gallery or on Etsy, you’re art needs to be seen and sold to be a success. While it may feel personal to you it’s good to remember that your work is your business. Businesses have no problem promoting their products, and neither should you. Self-promotion doesn’t need to be tedious. Lean into your preferred skills and mediums. Are you a social media butterfly? Offer a peek into your home studio and upcoming works. If you prefer to emote through prose, write a blog that explains your artistic process or inspiration. Do you prefer personal interaction? Offer to create a mural or donate works to a favourite charity or community group. Remember, creativity is your friend when it comes to self-promotion. Your imagination is your only limit!

Get with a Gallery

One of the best ways to promote your work is by exhibiting at a gallery. Contemporary galleries like Gallery Shtorm, that combine online and offline experiences can magnify your exposure as an artist. Primarily focussing on contemporary artworks, they have a global scope, working with artists and collectors around the world. With a collaborative and inclusive approach, Gallery Shtorm works with artists to promote their unique vision.

Getting in with a gallery requires the same skills as promoting your art. Approach galleries the right way and speak confidently about yourself and your work. Look out for competitions and check whether galleries are accepting submissions.


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