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How to protect and care a loose wave wigs

Taking care of the top layer of wave wigs is one of the most frustrating things for people who take care of their hair. Because human hair is more expensive than synthetic fibers, proper care of wigs and human hair tops will extend their life and make them more natural.

If the human hair product is not treated properly, you can comb or tangle it in just a few washes (it can be washed out using the wrong hair care products). Claws and wigs are not like our hair, yet they grow on our scalp and contain nourishing oil, so it’s important to look after your loose wave wig products to keep them shiny.

Here, we share some important tips you should know about hair care products.

Wave wig care products

First of all, when cleaning a crown or wig, some hair often falls out. However, it is important to always comb your hair thoroughly to limit cracking and brittleness.

We recommend using a wide-toothed comb for hair care products. When combing long hair, divide the hair into sections and gently comb from head to toe. Try not to confuse the comb, apply some oil or toothpaste to your hair, and gently rub it into the ground.

To avoid further confusion, try not to use gels, varnishes, and other styling products on wigs, as they can make hair sticky and difficult to maintain.

Grows naturally

Although hair products can be styled with a hat tool, they are much weaker than our hair. Frequent use of styling products can damage hair that grows naturally. Therefore, even if a heating device is used in a wig or jacket, it will shorten its service life and increase the chances of mixing and falling off.

Deep wave wig

At Unice, all deep wave wig products can be dyed a dark color, but only human hair purchased in “natural black” wholesale wigs can be bleached, as this color is not amenable to color treatments. However, to make your hair or wig look healthy and last longer, it is not recommended to dye or bleach your hair. Bleach and dye can dry out and damage hair. If you want to dye your hair, we recommend you consult a professional.

Check Your Shampoo

It is strongly recommended to use organic shampoos and care products for wigs or human hair. The fewer chemicals in the product, the better it will be for your hair. Be careful with harsh shampoos, as wigs are best for choosing a moisturizer and nourishing hair. Since wigs and hats do not contain natural oils to protect the hair, they are more prone to drying out than our hair. Needless to say, but never use soap or detergent in place of shampoo.

After Washing Care

After washing your hair or wig, you can blow dry your hair. Choose a cool environment, dry the top of the wig first, then let the other side of the wig dry. Using a hairdryer can prevent combing, as the hair will dry in one direction. Also, avoid combing wet hair to prevent hair fall.


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