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How To Stitch a Video on TikTok: Everything You Need to Know

Without any doubt, TikTok has gained a revered status amongst teenagers, but also with people of all ages, as one of the greatest video platforms in history. The ability to grab videos, add music, and much more gave it a freedom that other social media platforms don’t have, making it absolutely tempting for those influencers wanting to create a career around video.

And that´s the key of this social media. The fact that it´s only short videos that describe situations, show people in new outfits, or teach you how to do something in a short span, made it a great hit from the beginning of 2016 till this day. With topics like education, “do it yourself”, dances, and many more, hundreds of millions of users enter this app every day looking to find out about their favorite artist, actor, or influencer.

This app became what it is thanks to a revolution in technology; new phones with powerful lenses and sensors allowed regular people to film high-resolution videos in any situation. In second place, the availability of high-speed internet in most parts of the world has created a “social media hunger,” which most influencers are ready to supply. Since it’s so easy to create something new, add filters and even music, producing and creating an artistic video is extremely easy. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and filming it.

The growth of a new social media

It’s not as if TikTok arrived in a social media-free world, but it made a great debut with more than 800 million active users, without a doubt a milestone in this kind of platform’s history. But its name wasn’t always TikTok. At its birth in China, it was called “A.me”, but later it adopted the name of Douyin. Mainly used in China by that time, the creator, ByteDance, intended to make this platform grow beyond Asia, to every market in the world, since, as they declared at that time, “China is home to only one fifth of the Internet users in the world.” If we don’t expand on a global scale, we risk missing what the other four parts of the users are watching. ”

One of the greatest events that marked the signature move of this social media platform was the purchase of the website and app “musical.ly”, which many creators used to film “lip sync” videos. This allowed TikTok to land in the US with a great foothold since Musical.ly had been widely used in that country since 2014 and had a great reputation amongst teens and young creators.

It wasn’t long since this app arrived to the great numbers it has now, with more than 2 billion downloads on different devices and thousands of millions watching content every minute. In great part, the success of this app is due to the “pill” kind of content. It doesn’t require much attention or thought. It’s mostly entertainment. And, in a society that is more interested in videos and memes that take them away from their daily routine, these types of apps will undoubtedly cause sores.

What’s the stitch and how to use it?

One of the key features in TikTok is the ability to “cut” a part of somebody else’s video and create your own using it as a base. Of course, the owner of the video gets tagged, and other users that watch your stitch can see the original video. It’s a really powerful tool to create responses to someone, or use a cool part of someone famous’s video to make your way to the top of the influencer’s world.

It’s quite easy to use and it has multiple functions, like, for example, the possibility to mute videos to kind of lip sync over them. To create a simple stitch, you have to first select the “share” option in any video you want, then, in the lower part, you’ll find the “stitch” tool. After that, the user needs to select the fragment of the video they want to use, and that’s it. It’s just a matter of recording what we want after that and creating the perfect “response” to a user’s video.

When stitching the video, there’s another option to “mute” this fragment, allowing the user to add music over it or even voice over it. If the option is not available, you can save the stitch to your gallery, publish the video privately, and then remove the sound from that publication. That way, you can access the muted stitch to create your own new video.

If you want to add music to it, you just have to use a third-party software, like Final Cut Pro, that has a great variety of templates that can be used to create such videos. It also allows the use of great effects and other interesting modes to make your video stand above the rest. It’s really simple to use and it has great compatibility with most of the current phones and operating systems.

There’s also a way to stitch a video from your camera roll or phone gallery, and it’s quite similar to the way to mute a stitch. You have to upload it privately, then share it and stitch it together like a normal video. These are really powerful tools that will help you create great videos and maybe have the head start to a great influencer career.

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