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How X-Ray Systems Ensure Food Safety

The advancement of technology has made it possible to eliminate manual food inspection, which ensures high quality food products reaching consumers worldwide.  

Safety in food production and manufacturing is a top priority covered by many regulations and laws. Product recall is enforced if a food product is reported to have a contaminant. Product recall is one of the costly effects of violating food safety practices. It’s defined as a request to return, replace and exchange a product after discovering a defect that could harm consumers. 

Many food manufacturers find it difficult to bounce back after a product recall issue. A recall damages the brand’s reputation and sometimes forces a company to declare bankruptcy, especially if they need to pay millions to many affected consumers for damages after litigation. 

Many food manufacturers are now grateful for technology for bringing the wonders of Xray to the industry.  X-ray gives manufacturers the peace of mind that they know they’re following   Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard, and the International Food Safety Standard (IFS). 

Here are the ways how the X-ray system ensures food safety:

Ensure Safety of Packaged Food

Foreign body contamination in food has caused many brands, even reputable ones, to recall a product in the market to prevent harming consumers. 

X-Ray systems allow maximum contamination detection sensitivity and can discover metal, glass, stone, and plastic in the production line.  This is a massive win for food manufacturers as large-scale food production could be complicated and tedious. This technology will make the business process fast, safe, and efficient in its day-to-day operation. 

A foreign object in food, when ingested, could be detrimental to consumers, especially to children and older people.  Imagine biting on a candy bar with a piece of glass, you’re lucky if you only suffer from a damaged tooth, but if you completely swallowed the glass and it ruptured your internal organs, it would likely cause death. 

Finding a physical contaminant in food is covered by the Product Liability Law. Many food manufacturers have made it a point to address this, to ensure that their long-cared brand will not be tarnished. For state-of-the-art X-ray machines to help your business, visit https://www.tdipacksys.com/.

Guarantee Safety of Fresh Produce

Fruits and vegetables also pass the x-ray machine to check for grading quality, those with damage or bruises are discarded. A bruised fruit can be a source of foodborne illnesses, like Salmonella, E-coli, and Listeria. Common symptoms of foodborne illness are diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and fever. 

Children who consume bruised fruit and suffer from foodborne illness may get severely dehydrated, leading to haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and eventually kidney failure and death. 

Confirm Safety of Meat and Poultry Products

X-ray is also used in the Meat and Poultry industry.  The industry benefits significantly from this technology as X-ray ensures that no bones can be found in chicken fillets, posing a potential choking hazard.  The three bones in the chicken that are difficult to detect are the wishbone, the rib bone, and the fan bone. The bones can splinter when swallowed or bitten, which can have grave repercussions. 

The meat industry relies heavily on X-ray systems to ensure that no foreign object is incorporated in the processing of sausages, cold cuts, and cured hams.

Warrant Safety of Baked Products

Baked products undergo several stages before dispatch, and all these stages are prone to exposure to food contaminants.  The flour used in baked products like wheat flour may contain small rock particles that may damage the teeth. Even the sugar used in making bread could have foreign objects.  During the mixing of ingredients, accidentally incorporating foreign pollutants, such as rubber and plastic, may occur. This industry could greatly benefit from the X-ray system as baked products must be tagged as freshly baked and safe to consume. 


Food is the most heavily consumed commodity in the world.  Safe and nutritious food is vital to sustaining life and promoting good health. 

According to records, 600 million people fell ill due to eating contaminated food each year.  And unfortunately, around 33 million lives are lost because of this yearly.  As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your consumers and ensuring their safety should be your number one priority. Investing in a product that would ensure your consumers are 100% protected and safe is a worthwhile and valuable investment. 

You have created a brand and taken care of it for many years. Never allow a controllable occurrence to destroy a name you worked so hard to build.

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