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I screamed when two dogs pinned me to the ground and assaulted my arms, legs and face – this is how I escaped

A woman described how she escaped after being pinned to the ground by two dogs that beat her in the arms, legs and face.

The victim has not been named, but relived the fear From a hospital bed on Friday.


Victim of brutal dog attack tells how he escaped while lying in hospital recoveringCredits: Social Media
Woman rushed to hospital after Tuesday's attack


Woman rushed to hospital after Tuesday’s attack

With her arms tied in a sling and her face sewn up, she described walking down Abbotts Park. Londonwhen she was attacked on Tuesday.

Terrifying sight of dogs resembling pitbull caught on camera jumped up said to the woman before dragging her to the ground as the owner completely lost control.

A woman in her 20s now recalls the moment she tried to fend off the beasts that were clinging to her.

She said: “They ran past me and I ignored them. Then they came towards me and I asked.” [the owner] to take them.

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“[That was when] They started jumping on me.

“I was literally pushing them down and fighting to get off of me, and then they started getting aggressive.

“One jumped up and bit me in the face and then I started screaming.”

She recounted how they bit her arms, legs and face. She said she tore her hoodie and escaped after one mongrel dug its teeth into her right arm.

She added: “[The owner] was trying to stop them.

“One of them came to my right arm and bit my arm. He couldn’t remove them.

“It went on for a few minutes. I fell to the floor and he told me to get up and I was like, ‘Don’t run, don’t run’.

“Then they got on my arm and he started calling for help. He was able to stop one dog, but the last one was still on me. It is.”

“I had to take off my jumper and wrestle with the dog.

“Eventually it loosened up, so I took off my jumper and ran out of the park.

“After that, I fell to the floor and couldn’t walk.”

An emergency search had already been launched for the person responsible for the dog who left before police arrived.

A video circulating online showed a woman screaming in terror as she was pinned to the ground by beasts.

The ferocious attacks saw the animals pounce on victims’ faces, grab them by the hair and drag them down.

Two dogs climbed onto her as she lay helplessly on the ground, and the owner managed to tackle a third dog by the collar.

As she screamed in pain, the man managed to get up from the grass, grabbed a second animal and pulled it away from her.

The owner then tried to stop her by shouting “Rocco, Rocco” and kicking her third canine, which was still attached to her.

A ferocious hound then bit the woman’s arm and pulled her from side to side as she was pinned down by the fence.

One of them came to my right arm and bit my arm.he couldn’t take them off

dog attack victim

Metropolitan Police officers and London ambulance services were scrambled to Abbott’s Park at 12:15 noon on Tuesday.

The unit said she was rushed to hospital with a “severe injury” to her arm.

“Police officers were summoned to Abbotts Park, Lambeth SW2 at 12:15 pm on Tuesday, June 6,” the police said in a statement.

“A woman in her mid-twenties reported being attacked by three dogs.

“Police and London ambulance were dispatched to the scene.

“The woman suffered a serious injury to her right arm and was taken to a hospital for treatment, but the injuries are not life-threatening.

“The man responsible for the dogs took the animals and left before the police arrived.

“We have an inquiry in hand to trace the dog and owner.”

Britain is now prevalence of vicious abuseThe number of cases this year has already reached a 40-year high.

Violent dog attacks have killed 41 people in the last decade, 10 of them in the last year.

come after 4 year old Alice Stones Murdered by family dog ​​in Milton Keynes’ backyard.

wayne stevens51, died after attack Inside the Derby home.

and, 6 year old boy suffered In South Yorkshire, he was attacked by an American Staffordshire terrier and suffered a ‘potentially life-changing’ injury.

The Sun recently revealed that British county It was the highest number of deaths in the last ten years.

2013 to present Yorkshire Dog attacks have killed five people, making it the deadliest area in the UK.

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Merseyside and south wales It is tied for second for the deadliest dog attacks, with four in each county.

manchester Lancashire and Lancashire have two deaths each in the past decade, making them the third deadliest region.

Cameras caught a terrifying sight of dogs resembling pitbull jumping at a woman


Cameras caught a terrifying sight of dogs resembling pitbull jumping at a womanCredits: Twitter – @respawnedtarga1

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22650366/dogs-pinned-ground-savaged-arms-legs-face/ I screamed when two dogs pinned me to the ground and assaulted my arms, legs and face – this is how I escaped

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