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I struggle with the memory of my son being bitten to death by a dog called Beast. No more parents should endure this suffering.

One mother said she struggled with memories of her son being bitten to death by a dog called the Beast and hoped no more parents would go through the same pain.

10-year-old Jack Rhys was killed by Eight Stone XL bullies dog When he was playing at a friend’s house in Southern Carephilly wales.


Jack Rhys, 10, dies after being attacked by American dogCredit: P.A.
His mother Emma spoke of her plight


His mother Emma spoke of her plightCredit: Athena

youth Suffered “severe head and neck injuries” After 8 stone demon dogs attacked him in November 2021.

His devastated mother, Emma Whitfield, 32, is now revealed how she suffered from memory of barbaric attacks.

she said mirror: “I still have terrible flashbacks. I can still see animals and their teeth.

“I hear barking. It’s torture to relive it multiple times a day.

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“I still can’t believe it. It hits me again when I’m sitting on the couch or on my way home.”

Jack was playing with his friend when he went to another friend’s house. House on the street next door.

Once inside, a giant animal attacked a schoolboy, inflicting “non-viable” injuries on him.

Beast’s owner, Brandon Hayden, 19, was ultimately sentenced to four years and six months in prison, but Amy Salter, 29, was asked by Hayden to look after the dog at home. ) was sentenced to three years in prison.

The two pleaded guilty to caring for a dog that was dangerously out of control.

Hayden and Salter were banned from owning dogs indefinitely.

Beast’s previous owner trying to remove I had this dog a few days before the scare, in fear that the dog would be attacked.

he wrote a petition to bulldog Facebook The page claims that this American pitbull-type animal is “good at socializing” but “unfortunately doesn’t like other dogs.”

“I’ve done my best for him and I have other dogs and I can’t put them at risk,” the owner said.

“He needs someone who has time.”

He accompanied the post with a picture of a giant dog baring his rippling muscles.

The dog had just been adopted by Jack’s school friend’s family and severely injured Jack.

Emma said Jack loved cuddling with the family’s Shar Pei dog and cats.

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“His younger brother James turned 10 in August and they have 18 months between them,” she said.

“Now instead of sending two boys off to school, I have just one.”

Jack was mortally injured by the


“Beast” mortally wounded JackCredit: WNS

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22516660/boy-mauled-death-dog-beast/ I struggle with the memory of my son being bitten to death by a dog called Beast. No more parents should endure this suffering.

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