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I Was An Apprentice — Tom Skinner Says I’m Glad I Got Fired As I Moved On To Bigger Jobs And Amazing New Roles

Market trader Tom Skinner, who eats roast dinner for breakfast, is no ordinary influencer.

But thousands still follow the gravel voice former apprentice Headlining an early morning pep talk over a brekkie at Dino’s Cafe in Spitalfields Market, east london.


Tom Skinner explains why he eats a roast dinner for breakfast every dayCredit: Peter Jordan
Influencers were in apprenticeship in 2019


Influencers were in apprenticeship in 2019Credit: BBC
Since appearing in the series, he has worked at more market stalls


Since appearing in the series, he has worked at more market stallsCredit: Instagram

The modern-day Del Boy, as he describes himself, his growing popularity comes down to the fact that he’s an influencer that people can ultimately relate to.

And he’s certainly on trend with hearty breakfasts that include curries, pies, and mashed potatoes. Ditch the fancy avocado Start your day with old-fashioned grub such as fly-ups and black pudding.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Tom, 32, said: dubaiWears and drives a £100,000 watch Ferrari and dine in a £1000 restaurant for one night. It’s not real life.

“I run a big company and do well for myself, but I couldn’t afford to do it every day.

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“With rising energy prices, cost of living crisisDiesel goes up, it can’t.

“Quite hilarious”

“The only way to get good things is to work hard. It’s true and simple.

“If we can reflect that in our videos and inspire people to get up early and give their 100 percent, that would make us very happy.”

Tom married his partner Sinead last May and has a two-year-old son named Henry.


Tom married his partner Sinead last May and has a two-year-old son named Henry.Credit: Instagram
Tom explains why he eats a lot of breakfast and doesn't gain weight - pictured with Rylan


Tom explains why he eats a lot of breakfast and doesn’t gain weight – pictured with RylanCredit: Instagram

Born in Romford EssexTom Essex, London, Sussex Since he was 16 years old, the profession has been inherited from his father.

He also owns the furniture company Bosh Beds, named after his catchphrase.

“I’ve always said Bosch since I was a kid, my dad used to say. It’s just an East London/Essex thing,” he says.

“‘You had a nice day, Bosch, you wrecked’.

“When I was in Apprenticeship, they realized I said it quite often and ended up being on every show.”

Tom was in the 2019 series of BBC One show location Lord SugarA former market trader himself, he reluctantly fired him after praising his loyalty and work ethic.

He says the series changed his life and gave him the opportunity to expand his bed business across the country, as well as add more stalls.

But his virality has seen his reach skyrocket to new levels in the last 12 months Social media Videos that regularly get over 300,000 views.

They also helped him amass a celebrity fan base that included comic book Jack Whitehall and DJs. Roman Kempas well as childhood friend Rylan Clarke.

And there was favorable brand endorsement McDonald’s, easy jet and book deals with Guinness and HarperCollins.

It relies heavily on the huge breakfast he consumes at Dino’s while he makes his morning battle cry.

Tom explains how it all happened: cent’.

“And I’m on my feet all day, so I always had something spiritual for breakfast, like pie or mashed potatoes. Not a little bacon sandwich.”

“A guy I work with said, ‘I have to shoot this, it’s so much fun,’ so he put it on. Instagram And it went viral.

“I was feeling down when you posted it. Times were tough. You gave me motivation to have a better day today.”

“I would have stayed in bed, but I didn’t.”

“I keep them because they are beneficial for some people.”

And how does he consume those XL meals when most people are still lying in bed?

“What I eat isn’t unhealthy. I’m just eating a proper diet,” he says.

“I eat vegetables and mashed potatoes and meat. That’s what people are eating for dinner, and I’m the opposite.”

“If you eat what I eat and sit indoors every day, you’ll get bloated, but you need calories to keep going.”

Tom married his partner Sinead Last May, she became the mother of two-year-old son Henry.

Even after he became famous, their relationship hasn’t changed.

The only difference is that “she drives a better car now.” Well worth it, she thinks, for having to put up with a grueling 3am start and a Friday pub night.

He explains:

“I’m a firm believer that if you work hard all week long, Friday night will be beer night. I earned it.”

Tom left school at age 16 and immediately got a full-time job.

His entrepreneurial talents were recognized at a young age after he was expelled from secondary school for trying to flog adult DVDs to fellow students.

he said:

“My father came to protect me.

“He was annoyed because it was his DVD, but he seemed to like my bottle.

“I am my GCSE But I wasn’t allowed to go to school until then.

“I’m dyslexic, so I was never smart, but I tried my best.”

Working hard is a trait that Tom swears by, but he believes it’s not acceptable to Gen Z youth.

he said:

“I was working for my father during that time, and I remember that if you worked slowly, you wouldn’t get paid.

“Kids today just don’t want to work hard.

“We’ve just entered a softer generation, and now everyone seems to be entitled.

“Even when I was working with young people in the market, they would say, ‘I’m getting tired, Tom, can I sit in the van?'”

Thanks to his burgeoning social media profile, Tom has strict come dancing and i am famous.

He’s a favorite of bookmakers who sign up for the latter.

he said: “I used to own a hamburger van at his market in Romford and eat burgers myself, so if I can eat a hamburger, I have no problem eating anything in the jungle. .”

And his love of boxing helps ensure he’s ready for every scene of the famous Jungle Shower.

He won his first fight last Saturday at a charity boxing event in Purfleet, Essex.

Tom trains at the Bosch Boxing Gym in Brentwood and hopes to produce a future champion.

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And market traders dream of following in YouTuber’s footsteps to become the next internet and reality star and make a name for themselves in the ring. Jake Paul and love islander Tommy FuryWHO fought each other last month.

When asked how he thought he would fare against them, he said: Bosch! ”

Tom’s day starts

we yesterday fried food is back Grab it like an avocado on toast, like Brekkie fans avoid trendy and expensive.

Here Tom shares how to make the perfect breakfast every day.


Warm croissant with poached eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, toast and jam

tom says: “Eating a poached egg instead of a fried egg is a healthy way to start the week so you can start the next seven days on a high note.

“You may feel a little more sensitive over the weekend too, so it’s best to start off light.”


2 fried eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, canned tomatoes, 2 bread and butter, 1 cup of tea (with 2 sugars)

tom says: “Tuesday is two, so double everything. No need to mess around.

“Tea should have a few sugars, so that the day can come when the grafting begins in earnest.”


Fried eggs, sausages, bacon, soap bubble slices, black and white pudding, fried slices

tom says: “Wednesday is a midweek feast.

“That’s where Papa Gvner comes in. So we’ll add a slice of soap bubbles and some white and black pudding.”


Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, toast, orange juice

tom says: “It’s Thirsty Thursday. To boost those vitamin C levels, replace tea with orange juice.

“I like to mix it up on Thursdays, so I put a lot of black pepper on my scrambled eggs.


steak and kidney pie, chips, peas and gravy

tom says: “We lock the warehouse, turn off the computers, and have a nice beer in the afternoon.

“I need to get hungry, so let’s eat a big steak and kidney pie.”


Fried egg, bacon and sausage baguette

tom says: “It’s pre-football on Saturday, so it’s probably lighter.

“I have baguettes on the move and lots of tommy sauce.

“I can’t miss football On Saturday – or just watching it made me hungry.


Fried eggs, bacon, sausage, fried mushrooms, toast, Yorkshire pudding.

tom says: “My wife said, ‘Is my cooking not good? Do you eat out all the time?’

“So on Sunday I’ll take her Toby CarveryYou can eat as many sausages as you like and treat yourself to some Yorkshire pudding.

“Then we will start again on Monday.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21626953/tom-skinner-on-apprentice-becomes-influencer-new-projects/ I Was An Apprentice — Tom Skinner Says I’m Glad I Got Fired As I Moved On To Bigger Jobs And Amazing New Roles

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