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‘I was vindicated for racism at the Met,’ says former chief


former senior Metropolitan Police Department Police held back tears and said she was finally ‘proven’ as terrible reviews were exposed Racism When misogyny In military misconduct proceedings.

Retired Superintendent of Police Shabnam Chaudhri told The Standard: I am so upset that female, black, minority police officers have been kicked out of the jobs they loved.

“For decades, whistleblowers like me were suddenly the subject of investigations and performance issues.

“It was the thread that ran through my 30-year career.”

Baroness Louise Casey Police officers who raised issues related to racism, other forms of discrimination, and misconduct were often labeled troublemakers, leading to unfair disciplinary action.

Her terrible report released on Monday Black executives and staff were found to be 81% more likely to be accused of wrongdoing than their white colleagues. Asian Police are 55% more likely.

But there is “no imbalance” in complaints from the public, she found.

Colleagues called Chowdhury “a race card, a power-mad bitch” and a “bounty,” she claimed.

Within three days of submitting her application to become one of the MET’s first Asian detective directors, she received a notice of gross misconduct.

An anonymous caller claimed that he had not properly recorded his working hours and had falsified entries in his computer system. Chaudhri was acquitted after a seven-month investigation and was advised to use the ‘reservation’ system.

“I was targeted because I was Asian and a woman,” said the retired officer in December 2019.

“They knew I was going to be promoted.

“I got promoted, but so did a racist, misogynistic cop. That’s why they don’t fire rogue cops. The same people who condone that behavior sit on disciplinary committees. .

“If senior officials protect perpetrators and rarely protect whistleblowers, the Met has the biggest mountain to climb.”

Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley and Shabnam Chaudhry

/ family offer

Scotland Yard Commissioner Mark Rowley is seeking new powers to allow military bosses to reopen cases of misconduct against officers and staff.

He estimates that hundreds of officers in the military are getting away with misconduct and even criminal activity, but there is currently no way to get them out of the job.

A report on the Metropolitan’s disciplinary system issued Monday We found that less than 1% of police officers who committed multiple misconduct were dismissed, and the threshold for what constitutes serious misconduct (dismissible offense) is too high.

The Interior Ministry has announced a review of how it handles dismissals of police officers and staff.

Sir Mark said:

“Interestingly, the Independent Department for (Watchdog) Police Action has the power to reopen investigations in some circumstances, but the police do not. It’s one of the things I’m asking, because I want to reopen some of the most egregious cases.”

He told the LBC that under the current disciplinary system, officers dismissed by military officials could be reimbursed by the organization.

Sir Mark said:

Former detective sergeant Janet Hills, former president of the Met’s Black Police Association, said Baroness Casey and the citizens of London must be held accountable or the report’s conclusions will be rendered meaningless.

“Ever since the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence nearly 30 years ago, people have been writing words and ranting about the systemic corruption of the Met.

“After reports like this, I often ask senior management how many recommendations have been fully implemented, and they won’t tell you.

“There sounds like a lot of honesty and truth in what Baroness Casey wrote. But today’s news shouldn’t be tomorrow’s fish and chips paper.”

Inspector Andy George, president of the National Black Police Association, said: Members lose sight of justice when they raise issues of discrimination.

“I’m disappointed, but I hope things change. For me, this is a matter of leadership, not scapegoating front-line officers or ‘bad apples.’ have allowed the boundaries to stray too far. They have guardians who let them down. There are too many black officers who grow weary over time.

“Racism in the police force is seen as a PR issue that needs to be contained and spun out, rather than understanding its impact on victims.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/former-asian-officer-shabnam-chaudhri-vindicated-met-racism-new-report-louise-casey-b1033187.html ‘I was vindicated for racism at the Met,’ says former chief

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