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Ian Bishop’s predictions for the 2021 T20 World Cup

The time is fast approaching where we can all get hooked and lose ourselves in the action and entertainment that only the T20 World Cup can bring. The 2021 competition is being hosted by the United Arab Emirates with all of the games taking place in Dubai. With an array of talented individuals, making up some outstanding teams, picking a winner is not easy.

Ian Bishop has recently been chatting with Betway Sports where he has recalled the 2016 final. Here the West Indies swept England aside to become the only country to take the title twice. While reflecting on this historic win, Bishop has also shared his thoughts on who he sees taking the title this time around.

Why is Bishop’s opinion so valuable?

For those who are perhaps unfamiliar, there are plenty of reasons to sit up and take note of what Bishop has to say. Bishop had an impressive cricketing career himself. He played the test version and represented the West Indies for some 10 years. Although he had never played T20 cricket he told Betway Sports “ Virat Kohli said recently that if you aim for Test-match cricket and play Test-matchcricket, you should be able to cross over into other formats of the game. He was talking about one or two of his bowlers, but I actually think that the same applies to broadcasting. If you understand the fundamentals, it gives you a foundation”.

When it comes to Bishop’s experience as a broadcaster, this is something that Bishop has been doing for several years since injury brought his playing career to an end. He is perhaps best known for his commentary during the 2016 World Cup final with his impassioned declaration around Carlos Braithwaite.

So, what does Bishop have to tell us?

Given the fact that Bishop spent 10 years playing for the West Indies, it is perhaps unsurprising that he sees them as strong contenders this time around. More than this association though, it should be remembered that the West Indies are the reigning champions having won in both 2012 and 2016. In his conversation with Betway, Bishop may well have confidence in the fact the West Indies can deliver, but he by no means believes that this will be an easy ride.

“We have to be realistic, there are lots of contenders. England have got players who are aggressive with the bat. India have stars throughout their line-up. New Zealand are beginning to hit more boundaries and have a dangerous bowling attack. Pakistan are dangerous with the ball”.

Will the West Indies overcome the competition?

According to Bishop, hopefully! Despite the competition that there is to be faced, Bishop sees the West Indies team that has grown in experience and that this gives them the edge over the other contenders. Having experienced victory twice, performing well during the 2021 campaign could easily see the West Indies making it three titles out of the last four.


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