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Important elements of a website redesign for building brand presence

A website redesign can throw a wrench in the works of even seasoned digital marketers. Your website is a representation of your brand identity, attracts the attention of your target segment, and hence, it must be carefully designed to reflect the same and help your customers remember your brand. When your online presence is consistent with your overall brand, it cements your position as one of the industry leaders and makes your offerings more valuable.

When embarking on an important journey like website redesign, consider the following tips to build and reinforce your brand presence online.

Key design tips for building a brand presence online

Several elements make up your brand identity and must work together to create a motif. When redesigning the website for brand presence and consistency, ask what you want to convey to the consumers to fine-tune the look and feel of the website.

  1. Colour

Colour has one of the most significant impacts on your overall brand identity. Bright, saturated colours denote excitement, while mute colours denote serious tones. A good understanding of colour schemes is important when redesigning the website to convey the information in the correct mood. In addition to looking at how the colours work individually; you also need to consider how different colours play off of each other and other elements on the website.

  1. Imagery

The images on your website tell a lot about your company to visitors. Large photos present a professional look while illustrations reflect a more casual approach. Images can also be used to showcase your product offerings if any. Remember that the images will play alongside the colour palette, so choose the photos wisely.

  1. Font

Recently, typefaces have become another way to build a brand identity on the web (see Google and Product Sans). When selecting the appropriate font for the website, consider the tone of the message that you want to convey. The details of typography can get very complex, so you might be better off working with a professional design agency like Klutch Studios for better insights.

  1. Functionality

Another important aspect to consider is functionality. The way the website functions can convey a lot about the brand’s personality and identity. If you want a serious matter-of-fact approach, a traditional top-down navigation system on a static website might be a good fit for your target audience. On the other hand, transitions and interactive elements can denote that your company is innovative and exciting. Focus on building website functionality that matches your brand voice.

While voice is primarily concerned with what you are saying, your brand personality deals with how you are conveying it to your audience. The same information can be conveyed in a million different ways by simply changing the wording or phrasing. Make sure to keep your brand personality in mind when redesigning the website to ensure consistency. If working with a professional website designing studio, like Klutch Studios, you can convey the information and they will take care of the rest.

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