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Insurance Marketing Tips to Reach More Online customers

Aside from size and type, all businesses need effective marketing to survive and thrive. As profits of a business depend on a steady flow of sales, finding new ways to generate new leads and make more sales is very much important as well. Insurance companies also need to stay on current marketing trends and techniques to beef up their lead generation efforts.

Whether you are a funeral insurance agency or working as an independent insurance agent, online marketing is the best way to boost your sales. Many insurance agencies are failing to fulfill the needs of online customers. This means you can stand out from competitors by integrating advanced digital marketing techniques into your campaign.

Here are some proven insurance marketing tips you can adopt to reach more online customers and secure more sales.

Make your Insurance Website Visible and Easy to Find Online

Since the business website is the most effective way to reach potential customers online, review your insurance website to make sure customers can find it easily via search engines like Google. Search engine optimization is the best marketing technique to optimize your website for search engines. When potential customers are able to find your website, you can easily get them into a virtual selling path to convert. Creating and optimizing Google My Business profile is another proven way to appear in more local online searches. Keep your insurance website and other digital accounts updated with current details and information.

Create Landing Pages

As the insurance buying process is complex, people usually opt for internet search to find out useful and relevant information related to their queries. This is where having specifically designed insurance landing pages can drive more traffic and convert visitors into customers. Landing pages are web pages on your insurance agency website that are designed to provide relevant information and details to potential customers. The more landing pages you have on your website, the better you can educate potential customers who are actively looking for buying insurance plans.

Insurance landing pages can answer all possible questions and queries about different types of insurance such as life insurance, funeral insurance, and auto insurance, etc. When modern consumers get their queries and questions answered accordingly on your website, they are more likely to buy from you. This means, creating landing pages for different insurance plans can help you generate more leads and sales.

Revisit your Social Media Strategy

Quality content on social media profiles fuels online marketing efforts. Since the recent COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more buyers online, having a robust social media presence could be a great way to attract more insurance customers online. Revisit your social media strategy and create relevant & knowledgeable posts for your social media profiles consistently. You can either educate your audience about different types of insurance or share the latest industry news with them to become an authority.

Streamline your Approach to Online Quoting and Self-service

Insurance agencies need to find new ways to digitize their processes and entertain as many customers online as possible. Getting started with online quotes and self-service features could be a great initiative for insurance companies. Make sure your insurance website has online quoting and binding capabilities to save time and effort for potential customers. This will help customers get their queries addressed as faster as possible and keep them engaged with your company.

Get More Online Reviews

In this digital world, modern consumers usually rely on customer reviews and testimonials when they want to make purchases online or offline. Getting more online reviews for your insurance company is one of the best ways to attract more customers online. So, ask your happy customers to leave positive feedback and reviews across your digital assets including the company website, Google My Business page, social media, and local directories, etc. Online reviews can be read by so many customers on a regular basis. You can also utilize user-generated content (customer testimonials) on your website or social media profiles to build trust and credibility. Availability of positive reviews on your insurance company website and social media profiles will help potential customers make informed buying decisions. You should also invest in online reputation management to find out and address negative reviews accordingly to increase customer satisfaction rate.


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