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Interview – Sam Fowles: Is Our Democracy Disappearing?

“Holding leaders accountable is a way to ensure that it is a loan of power, not a permanent gift,” says Sam Fowles.

Fowles is a barrister who has been involved in some of the most fascinating political cases of the last few years.

His new book Overruled provides an insider’s account of the complexity of the UK legal system and how it intertwines with our politics through eight major cases. He claims these incidents document a “fall to dictatorship”. Most notably, parliament was granted a reprieve in 2019 to prevent MPs from blocking a “no deal” Brexit.

Alicia Fitzgerald sits down with Sam to discuss key findings from his book and explore why he thinks “democracy” as we once knew it is no longer real. .

https://www.politics.co.uk/viewpoint/2022/09/21/fowles-democracy/ Interview – Sam Fowles: Is Our Democracy Disappearing?

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