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InVideo Review: Meet The Best Online Video Editor In 2021

Video creation is as much an art as it is a science. You need the technical expertise to use the tools and make the most of its features. You also need a creative mind to use the right set of tools and express your ideas in a befitting manner. With the growing popularity of video content, the spotlight is on video editing and creating great content.

There has been a rapid surge in the video editing tools available in the market. Having hundreds of options often leaves content creators confused about the tools. In this article, we will review the InVideo tools while focussing on their key features along with its use in marketing your brand.

Understanding InVideo

InVideo is an engaging video editor that you can leverage to create all types of video content. There are thousands of pre-configured video templates that offer you creative freedom on video creation. You can choose the aspect ratio of the content before preparing the content. That way, the video will be tailored for the social media platform where you intend to post it.

It is a cloud-based tool, and you can use it on any browser. This ensures that all the changes that you make to the video are saved in real-time. That way, you can achieve seamless collaboration between multiple members of the team. Moreover, with an online tool, the hardware specifications of your device are not a constraint in the video creation journey.

Key Features That Make InVideo Unique

InVideo is a notch better than most other online video editor tools available in the market. Here is a look at its key features.

  • InVideo has over 4000 video templates for you to choose from. While you can always go for building a video from scratch, the template collection allows prompt video creation.
  • Post the template selection, users can enter textual content in various font sizes and styles. InVideo has several font quote templates that you can experiment with. The text overlays help to give a professional touch to your videos.
  • While editing content on InVideo, you have ample freedom of choice about media selection. InVideo has a rich media library consisting of thousands of images, video clips, stickers, GIFs, and music files. You can also upload videos and other media from your device.
  • If you are looking to create a video that will complement your blog or article, InVideo is the perfect tool. Here, you have the automated article to video function that makes a video from the typed text. You can also add the URL to an article, and the tool will create a video from it.
  • With InVideo, you can adjust the speed of your footage. That way, certain parts of the video can be made into slow-mo to dramatize a point. InVideo offers unmatched precision while using its speed merge feature.
  • InVideo has theme-based visual effects that make it easier for you to select. There are collages, masks, stickers, and a host of other visual effect collections. The insertable shapes help your video stand out in competitive video-sharing platforms.
  • InVideo encourages users to add audio to the video clips. The audio tools help you sync the audio and give a professional touch to the content. The media library also comes with a rich collection of royalty-free music that you can leverage in your video.
  • With InVideo, you can create videos in over 75 languages. This is useful for brands that wish to attract a vernacular-speaking audience.

Types of InVideo Videos

It is a versatile video editor and can be used to make all types of video content. The templates are neatly categorized and you type in the search bar to arrive at the best template. Webinar promos, invitations, COVID 19, brand promotions, listicles, and memes are some of the most popular video templates of InVideo.

As the interface is highly intuitive, you can easily tweak the templates to create promotional content. At the onset of your video creation journey, the tool will ask you to select the aspect ratio. This feature is especially useful for social media content creators. With InVideo, you can select exclusive content for your Facebook posts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn Feed posts, etc.

The best part of the InVideo tool is that it is not dedicated to any industry. That way, you can use it as a comprehensive solution to all your video editing needs. After your first few videos, you develop a knack for video templates. You can then create high-quality videos in a few minutes.

Pricing of InVideo

The free plan of InVideo lets you create videos in any language and gives you access to thousands of video templates. You can also leverage the 24X7 chat support as an assistance to your video-making journey. However, all the videos that you create with the free version will have the InVideo watermark.

The Business Plan gives you access to all the features of the free plan. It is available at $10 per month. In addition to those, you can export up to 60 video clips in HD, and there is access to unlimited premium templates. You also have reseller rights to the content and can use the edited video for commercial purposes.

The Unlimited plan is suitable for businesses that need to create frequent videos. Here, you can export unlimited clips and use all the features mentioned above. Moreover, multiple members of your editing team can collaborate on the video creation, thus making it the best choice for brands.

Shortcomings of InVideo

Unlike most other modern editing tools, It is not a video editing app. While you can use this tool on any mobile device, you will need a browser to access InVideo. Moreover, in InVideo, you cannot make changes to the template after you customize it. If you do not like the result, you will have to redo your work from scratch.

Closing Thoughts

Careful evaluation of the features of InVideo would reveal that it is one of the most versatile options among modern-day tools. The simple interface makes it an ideal partner in the initial days of your video journey. As you gain experience, you can gradually use this tool to create videos from scratch and establish your individuality. For the features that it offers, InVideo is a true value for money purchase.


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