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Is Surrogacy Legal in Thailand: Everything Surrogacy Program Participants Should Know

In the second half of the 20th century, the legislation of many countries faced the need to create legal boundaries for relations arising from the use of assisted reproductive technologies. In addition, scientific and technological progress, globalization, and a change in the understanding of gender roles have led to the expansion of family relations. At the same time, recognizingthe recognition of each person’s rights, such as the right to start a family and the right to respect for private and family life, set the legislator the task of creating optimal mechanisms for regulating new relationships.

As for Thailand, surrogacy in the country is clearly regulated by law today. The professional experts of the agency World Center of Baby, who offer perfect surrogacy in Thailand services, note that participants must know the specifics of surrogacy in the country before concluding a surrogacy contract. Therefore, try to study the following material carefully.

Surrogacy in Thailand: Features of the Legislation

Thailand, which was once the world’s best choice for parents-to-be looking for a surrogate mother, now has limited opportunities for foreigners wishing to use local women’s services the services of local women to carry their genetic baby.

Until recently, it was one of the few countries in Asia where surrogacy on a commercial basis was completely allowed for both residents of the country and foreigners. The cost of giving birth to a child through the use of genetic material from biological parents and the implementation of the surrogacy program was approximately $ 50,000 (in other countries, for example, the USA, it could reach 150,000 dollars).

But a few years ago, there was a scandal in Thailand that involved foreign clients. It led to a public outcry. Thus, a couple from Australia abandoned a child born by a surrogate mother after knowing that the child had a syndrome of Down.

World Center of Baby indicates that the country has passed a law prohibiting surrogacy on a paid basis for foreign clients. Violations of this law are unacceptable. Otherwise, violators will have to be punished with a fine of up to 200,000 baht and imprisonment for up to 10 years. In addition, only heterosexual married from Thailand can use gestational surrogacy services. The country’s law does not recognize same-sex marriage, so gay men and lesbians cannot participate in surrogacy.

According to the previous surrogacy laws in Thailand, the surrogate mom had all the rights to a newborn, although she does not have a genetic relationship with a baby. However, the most reliable surrogacy agency in Thailand, World Center of Baby, states that recognizing the prospective parents receive full rights to the child according to the new law.

What Is the Cost of Surrogacy in the Country?

The website of the best surrogacy agency in Thailand, World Center of Baby, indicates that the cost of surrogacy in Thailand is $ 60,000. This price is quite reasonable and, therefore, very attractive to customers.

If you need surrogacy services in Thailand, contact the best agency World Center of Baby, and get good support. The site’s forum contains a lot of relevant information about the clinic with which the company cooperates, so you may also visit it.


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