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Israeli embassy teams up with food distribution charity Felix Project to feed the homeless


he Israeli the embassy of London In partnership with food distribution charities, homeless Running to International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

To commemorate the occasion and the Embassy’s annual “Operation Dugo” celebration, 500 meals were donated to charity.

The staff team of the Israeli embassy also felix project of Park Royal.

“Operation Dugo was launched with the idea that no one should go hungry. By working with such amazing charities, we have seen this vision come to life across the streets of London. ”

The annual ‘Operation Dugo’ celebration honors the life of David ‘Dugo’ Leitner.


In 1949, he immigrated to Israel and tried falafel at Mallet, recalling childhood memories. Every January he eats falafel to celebrate freedom and liberation.

Jane Byam Shaw, Director and Co-Founder felix projectmet the guest and said:

“Hear David Lightner’s story of survival and understand the inspiration behind Dugo Day, which has grown into an annual event that resonates with our own mission to ensure no one goes hungry. We were very impressed with that.

“The meal will be appreciated and enjoyed by all who receive it through our network of London philanthropic partners.”

The Felix Project was founded by former Evening Standard Chairman Justin Byam Shaw in memory of his late son Felix.

This charity uses London’s surplus food to tackle food shortages and turn environmental problems into social solutions.

This is due to the Evening Standard’s 2016 Food for London campaign, the result of the 2020 award-winning Food For London Now campaign in partnership with sister newspaper The Independent, and The Felix Project’s 12 million Raise an extraordinary amount of pounds and quadruple that food redistribution.

of The charity Kitchen celebrated serving one million meals for the homeless last yearOpened in Tower Hamlets in July 2021, Felix Kitchen takes surplus food from the depot next door and turns it into meals.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/israel-embassy-felix-project-holocaust-remembrance-day-b1054315.html Israeli embassy teams up with food distribution charity Felix Project to feed the homeless

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