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King Charles’ Pipe Major was played for the first time yesterday morning in the gardens of Clarence House

Believed to be of ancient Egyptian origin, bagpipes have been synonymous with Scotland and instruments of war since the 1700s, as they were used at the Battle of Culloden and the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie when he tried to replace George II. Ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.

But after being banned after the Rebellion, bagpipes became a symbol of the British Empire and are now used in countries such as Oman, Canada, the United States and India, where they are used as part of ceremonies including Armistice Day, according to Historic UK. increase.

The history of the monarch’s personal bagpipe player dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria. The first time she heard bagpipe music was in 1842, when she and Prince Albert visited the Highlands for the first time.

And in 1843, Angus Mackay became the monarch’s first personal piper.

Piper is personally interviewed by Monarch before making the nomination. Their decisions are largely based on whether their personalities feel compatible, as they interact regularly.

Queen Victoria was so close to William Ross, who was a piper for 37 years, that she mourned him long after his death.

At 9am each morning while the Queen (and now the King) is in residence, a whistle blows for 15 minutes outside Her Majesty’s apartments, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Balmoral Castle.

Thirteen of the 17 pipers were active during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, including Alexander Macdonald, who served from 1945 to 1966, and his successor, Andrew Pittkeathley, who served until 1973.

In 1965, it was decided that the position would be given to a military and experienced Army Major Pipe and removed from the civil list. Piper will be a member of the royal family on secondment, but he will keep his military status and pay.

Piper is also responsible for coordinating the 12 Army Pipers that perform around the table after state banquets and is often performed at royal events due to his military ties.

Pipe Major also serves as an attendee honor page at events such as audiences, garden parties, ordination ceremonies, state functions and receptions. It is his job to escort the Queen, and now the King, to the various audiences she is in throughout the day.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11355971/King-Charles-Pipe-Major-played-time-Clarence-House-gardens-yesterday-morning.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 King Charles’ Pipe Major was played for the first time yesterday morning in the gardens of Clarence House

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