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Kush Jumbo to join David Tennant in ‘Macbeth’ at London’s Donmar Warehouse | THEATER

Kush Jumbo will play Lady Macbeth in a London show this winter Donmar warehouse This will reunite with David Tennant, who co-starred in the Channel 4 TV series Deadwater Fell.

early this month Tennant has been announced to play the title role in Max Webster’s Macbeth, which is expected to be one of the hottest tickets of the year.Jumbo’s casting marks her return to Covent Garden Theatre, where she played Mark Antony in the acclaimed all-female theater Making Julius Caesar 2012, directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

Jumbo said it was “a pleasure to find out about Shakespeare” at such an intimate venue on the occasion, and that Lady Macbeth was a compelling role for an actor and that “she’s on everyone’s list”. Told. Two years ago, Conversation with Anne-Marie Duff She told The Guardian that she would love to play the part. Her timing must be right, she reflected this week, adding that she is looking forward to exploring her role as a mother (who has a young son).

Webster, who directed Kit Harington as Henry V Jumbo said last year’s Donmar staged Shakespeare “not somewhere in the past, but now.” So one of his challenges will be “understanding the supernatural” in the modern environment. “We lean more towards the psychology than ‘Abracadabra, there are three witches here!'”

Her last Shakespearean role was The Young Vic as Hamlet Coming out in 2021, Jumbo praised the support he received from other cast members, especially the younger actors, as it is a “life-changing” film and a “huge burden” to lead. “I really can’t train any more. I’ll come back with stronger muscles next time,” she said.

Co-starring in the crime drama Deadwater Fell, Jumbo and Tennant had a thorough discussion about Hamlet and Shakespeare before playing Shakespeare’s tragic prince. The Channel 4 series was their first joint project, but Tennant said that in 2009 he was starring in the BBC sci-fi spin-off Torchwood, so they “moved with each other in the world of Doctor Who.” was there.” The 2010 actor was “the kindest and most generous actor,” she added.

Jumbo just finished filming Criminal Records, an Apple TV+ thriller in which he executive produced and starred alongside fellow former doctor Peter Capaldi.Filming location Londonit is a story of police corruption, which she describes as “really inspiring and very dark”.

The stage martial arts she honed in Hamlet proved useful for Jumbo’s role in Ballestra, another upcoming thriller about an Olympic fencer. “I had a stress fracture during fencing training,” she said. “I was finally cured, but I still can’t do anything halfway.”

Jumbo and Tennant’s Macbeth is one of this year’s star-studded wave of Shakespearean productions. Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma Kenneth Branagh will star in Simon Godwin’s tour of the show, which opens in Liverpool. Confronting King Lear at the West End.

Macbeth will premiere in Donmar on December 8th and run through February 10th.

https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2023/may/16/cush-jumbo-join-david-tennant-macbeth-london-donmar-warehouse Kush Jumbo to join David Tennant in ‘Macbeth’ at London’s Donmar Warehouse | THEATER

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