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‘Laughing’ Dover petrol bomber ‘drove 100 miles to attack immigration center and then hanged’ – forced to evacuate

A “laughing” petrol bomber is reported to have hanged himself after driving 100 miles to attack an immigration center in Kent.

Up to three incendiary bombs were thrown from the car onto the Border Patrol scene. Dover yesterday give off a big spark.


Suspect reportedly ‘laughed’ while hurling bomb from car in DoverCredit: Reuters
We know he traveled over 100 miles to the center.


We know he traveled over 100 miles to the center.Credit: Reuters

police He later confirmed that the suspect was found dead at a nearby gas station.

The man is known to have hanged himself shortly after the attack.

About 700 migrants were mass evacuated from the Western Jetfoil site in fear that two others were injured.

Environment Minister Mark Spencer confirmed this morning that people had been displaced from the center following the attack.

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According to reports, the suspect drove over 100 miles to the immigration center.

The chilling footage showed him throwing bombs out of a car with white seats.

These devices looked like lit fireworks taped to plastic canisters.

Local Gary Smith, 31, claimed the driver laughed and threw the car out the window.

“I was walking on a nearby bridge and saw him throwing bombs.

“They were making a lot of noise. I think they threw four or five.

“He was just laughing while he was doing it. It was crazy.”

Another gruesome witness said the explosion sounded like a “cannon shot” and “all hell broke loose”.

Fear came like this immigration crisis Deepened in England.

The increasing number of people traveling across the strait means that immigration centers are overcrowded, exacerbating the situation.

Spencer today acknowledged that the government needs to do more and admitted there is no “silver bullet” to solve the crisis.

Meanwhile, North Thanet Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale said there were now more than 4,000 people at the Manston facility where the migrants had moved.

“Until about five weeks ago, the system was working as intended, and it was actually working very well.

“It’s broken, so I have to fix it ASAP.”

Interior Secretary Suela Braverman said she was receiving regular updates on the “tragic incident”.

The incident was not believed to be terrorism-related, and initial investigations suggested the man had a history of mental health problems.

Kent “Police officers confirmed that two to three incendiary bombs were thrown into the Ministry of Interior’s immigration facility by one suspect who arrived at the scene by car.

“Two people inside the facility have reported minor injuries.

“The suspect was identified, quickly found at a nearby gas station, and pronounced dead.

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“The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit was present at the location to ensure there were no further threats. Another device was found in the suspect’s vehicle and was confirmed safe.

“Although the site remained open, approximately 700 immigrant suspects were transferred to Manston for security during the early stages of the police investigation.”

Suspect later hanged himself at a gas station


Suspect later hanged himself at a gas stationCredit: P.A.
Locals say 'all hell broke loose' after terror


Locals say ‘all hell broke loose’ after terrorCredit: Reuters
It happens as the immigration crisis deepens


It happens as the immigration crisis deepensCredit: Reuters

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20273246/dover-petrol-bomber-hanged-migrants/ ‘Laughing’ Dover petrol bomber ‘drove 100 miles to attack immigration center and then hanged’ – forced to evacuate

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