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Lewisham man who stabbed partner in neck sentenced to prison

Franklin MacLeod, who lives in Cressingham Street, SE13, was sentenced to life in prison at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, February 8, with a minimum sentence of 20 years.

This was after MacLeod was found guilty of murdering his partner Marlene Coleman, 53, on November 9, 2022.

A jury at the trial heard evidence of MacLeod’s controlling behavior towards Marlene, and witnesses explained how to hang up the phone if he walked into the room.

A court has ruled that MacLeod, 55, and Marlene have been in a relationship for more than a decade and that MacLeod may be aggressive, possessive and jealous.

Marlene was apparently unhappy with her relationship and wanted it to end, but was told how MacLeod refused to leave and how he scared her. I spoke to people.

She also told others that he would not contribute financially and that he pressured her to send money to children in Jamaica.

Marlene eventually met someone else and was planning to start her life over, but McLeod learned of the relationship on June 15th by phone.

Neighbors later told police they heard screams coming from the couple’s apartment around 9:30 pm that same night.

CCTV recorded McLeod leaving the apartment and walking into the Lewisham police station at 11:45 p.m.

MacLeod told a station employee that he got into an argument with his fiancée and put his hand on her throat while she was at the kitchen sink.

He claimed she lost consciousness and left her there to go for a walk.

MacLeod returned half an hour later to find him in a pool of blood, but did not call an ambulance.

Police were immediately sent to an address in Cressingham Road, where Marlene was found not to be moving or breathing, but police administered first aid until London Air Ambulance and London Ambulance Service arrived.

Marlene was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy found she had died of a single stab wound to the neck, and Marlene was lying on her side when she received the fatal blow.

MacLeod was questioned by police and admitted to grabbing her by the throat but denied stabbing her, saying it must have happened when she left the house.

McLeod admitted to assaulting Marlene, but not to killing him.

The investigative team worked to track down and obtain key eyewitness evidence with deployments in Jamaica and investigations in New York and Florida in the United States.

This led to one witness being flown to the UK to provide evidence via a live link from the British High Commission in Jamaica.

McLeod is serving a life sentence for murdering Marlene.

After McLeod was found guilty, Marlene’s sister, Pamela Campbell, said:

“The police have done an excellent job gathering all the evidence against him that puts him unquestionably responsible for her death.

“He will now get the justice he deserves.

“This has been the most traumatic time of my life and I feel like I can slowly move on after the decisions made in court. My sister will always be on my mind.” , God bless her soul.”

Investigator Detective Alan Barnes said, “Franklin McLeod killed Marlene Coleman when she began plotting to escape his controlling behavior.

“Unfortunately, some people, like Franklin MacLeod, pose a risk to anyone in a relationship.

“Many people close to them may see the sign, but may not want to interfere or may not know who to talk to.

“If you find someone in a controlling, coercive relationship, let someone know.

“You can call the completely anonymous police and crimestoppers, or you can contact one of the many charities that help victims of domestic violence.” Lewisham man who stabbed partner in neck sentenced to prison

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