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Local Removal Companies

Looking to move locally? Moving can sound intimidating, but you don’t have to do it alone! No matter your needs, a removal company can assist you with your moving job.

Continue reading to learn more about local removal companies and why they may be appropriate for your next home or business removal.

Why Hire a Removal Company?

 There are a lot of aspects of moving you must anticipate beforehand. If done carelessly, your belongings can break or be crushed in transit. The vehicle you use may not be able to move everything you need. It may be hard to anticipate how many belongings you’ll need to get rid of, or how you’ll get rid of them.

While family and friends, furthermore, may be able to help out with small moves, they may not be able to anticipate the demands of a larger move or trip. That’s why many people choose to go to local removal companies when they are moving larger households or businesses.

There’s a lot to plan when you move, but a removal company can simplify the process. When you hire a removal company, you are hiring years of professional experience to take on your task.

Local Removal Companies Costs

Moving costs depend on a number of factors, including the distance traveled, the amount of items you’re looking to bring, the amount of professionals helping you, and the like. In some cases, however, the cost of the move is simply based on the amount of time needed to complete the job.

Local removal companies costs are estimated as follows based on the size of the property in question, for moves that are 50 miles in distance or less:

One-Bedroom Home or Apartment: £100 or more

Two-Bedroom Home or Apartment: £200-400

Three-Bedroom Home or Apartment: £400-500

Four-Bedroom Home or Apartment: £500-750

Larger Homes and Apartments: £750 or more

More accurate price estimates for your move can be obtained directly from the moving companies. Long distance moves

Looking to move on a budget?

If you’re looking to move on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives to full removal companies, including truck rentals and man and van services.

While a full removal service is best if you are moving to a larger home or business, a man and van or a van rental can be great for smaller, more local moves, especially if you have assistance from friends and family.

Moving To Do List

 There are a lot of things to take care of before and during your move. This list can help you and your moving team ensure everything is completed ahead of time, which can be especially important if you are dealing with an end of lease or a home sale (i.e. you must be out of your old home by a certain date).

End of tenancy cleaning

 If you’re a tenant about to leave your current apartment, it’s likely an end of tenancy cleaning, done to restore the apartment to its original condition, is in order. Even without the move, an end of tenancy cleaning can also be stressful. While many people successfully conduct end of tenancy cleanings on their own, others are more likely to hire a professional cleaning team to take on the task.

If you’re moving from an apartment that requires this type of cleaning — most do — be proactive. End of tenancy cleanings can take days if not done with the proper materials or know how. If you think it’s best to book a professional for the cleaning, do so ahead of time to ensure you can focus on the move itself.

Getting a quote for your move

Because costs vary and moving services charge different rates, it’s a good idea to obtain and compare quotes before choosing a moving service if you are on a budget. You can call companies directly for estimates based on your needs (the amount of things you plan to move, whether you would like help packing and unpacking, the distance you need to travel, etc.)

To provide more accurate quotes, many local removal companies can visit and survey your home to best determine a price, and will do so for free.

 Packing and unpacking belongings

 To assist with packing and unpacking, many removal companies will provide, rent, or sell you boxes. Many removal companies, furthermore, will gladly pack and unpack your belongings – typically at an additional price!

If you’re looking to do the packing on your own, keep in mind that packing items can take several hours, especially if you’re looking to ensure things are packed tightly and securely for the move. It’s important that heavy duty boxes are utilised for the task, and it’s important to ensure they are not overloaded.

 Furniture disassembly and assembly

 To move furniture, it’s often best to disassemble it beforehand when possible. This ensures the furniture can be transported safely and easily without taking up a lot of space.

While disassembly can be a hassle, especially with older and larger pieces, many removal companies are able to help take part and put furniture back together again for you, often for an additional price.

 Home set-up

Many removal companies will help you make your new home feel like home by helping you unpack and place your belongings as desired in their new surroundings.

 Hire a Local Removal Company Today!

 If you want to move with ease, hiring a local removal company is a great way to ensure everything will be taken care of without difficulty.

Looking for local removal companies to assist your next move? It’s important to hire a team you can trust: why not find that team on our website? We have connections with trusted local removal companies in your area who are happy to assist at a great price. You can access their contact information, leave and read reviews, and learn more online.


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