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London: Air Ambulance needs £15m to fund new helicopters and save lives


OndongThe Air Ambulance Charity is calling for £15m to be raised by 2024 to fund its new fleet. helicopter.

The charity’s CEO, Jonathan Jenkins, appealed to Londoners for the charity to remain the ‘world’s leading’ provider of emergency care. .

Air ambulance crews provide life-saving care for seriously injured patients, and helicopters help get doctors to the scene as quickly as possible. Last year he helped 1,714 patients (an average of 5 a day).

The Up Against Time appeal is to fund two new H-135 T3H helicopters to enter service in 2024 as the charity’s current fleet dwindles and becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. is trying to raise funds for

Mr Jenkins told Standard that the replacement of vehicles is essential to continue providing life-saving care to Londoners.

“When Sadiq Khan boarded our current aircraft, he said: ‘Braimy, you’re going to need some new ones’. What we have is completely safe. But the new one is more technologically advanced and helps us remain one of the leaders in our field.”

Jenkins said he hopes the appeal will also help address common “misconceptions” about the charity’s funding sources.

“A lot of people think we just pick people up and take them to the hospital. increase.

“Our mission is to continue working to help more people understand that we are a charity and that we are dependent on them.”

Claire, who did not reveal her last name for legal reasons, survived an attack by her ex-partner who stabbed her repeatedly in her home after she fell asleep. I managed to call 999, prompting an air ambulance advanced trauma team to rush to the scene.

She underwent emergency anesthesia and a blood transfusion and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where it took her three and a half weeks to begin her miraculous recovery.

Claire told The Standard that the team’s medic “saved her life.”

“I am very grateful to the Air Ambulance Charity. Without them, I would not have survived. This experience has inspired me to do good in my life.”

According to the charity, one in four (26%) Londoners have a friend or family member or know someone who has been personally affected by a trauma.

Jenkins said he hopes the appeal will help instill pride in its purpose and mission in Londoners.

“I want that helicopter to be as iconic in people’s minds as part of London as black taxis and red telephone booths are,” he added.

Those who wish to donate can do so here. London: Air Ambulance needs £15m to fund new helicopters and save lives

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