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London bored houses? Not with wall stickers!!

With the pandemic seemingly accelerating us through seasons so fast that we can’t respond, decorating a home feel like a bigger nightmare than ever before. Many of us can quickly become bored of our homes, but it’s often not enough for us to get the paintbrush out and coat the home from head to toe. With wall stickers you can change this and decorate your home without spending a lot of money.

One way to quickly transform a room that is often overlooked is through using wall stickers. Initially, our minds go to a children’s bedroom – those tacky green glow in the dark stars many of us had. But there is a world of elegant designs out there that could turn a plain wall into a feature or a mural.

For example, you can decorate your living room with wall stickers, with silhouettes of a landscape or an artistic feature. Having the Paris skyline in the form of a painting or poster is often a popular decoration, but why not just use a wall sticker? The way it sits on a wall is more seamless as it’s not necessary to have a frame, not to mention how much cheaper and easier it is to apply.

Personality and wall stickers choices

One of the biggest perks behind using wall stickers is their sheer variety – they can very easily allow us to express our personality through our home, something that is usually very difficult.

It might be the Beatles that we’re a massive fan of, or wine, or perhaps we want a temporary Autumn feature to have until Christmas comes around. Those that attended the Interior Design School may have a more immediate idea of their preference…

Given the sheer size of some of these stickers, they can really make quite the impression. In fact, a slightly rough plastered wall in need of a coat of paint can only add to the texture of composition when applying a wall sticker – it may help set a scene better and become more meaningful.

Or perhaps we have a newly painted wall with no motivation to repaint it – flower wall stickers for living rooms can replace the need to repaint. For the brave, large wall murals for the living room can be a great center piece of the room, and can even create a 3D feel.

Of course, it’s also possible to create our own mural, though this would be hard to pull off. Having a pre-made wall living room wall sticker from the skirting board to the ceiling can be the quickest way to have a feature wall, whether it’s a Japanese Sakura or a city skyline.

Likewise, there are lots of fun options for children’s bedrooms too, be it an Avengers mural or safari animals.

Final Word

Wall stickers can cost no more than £25 for a meter by a meter in size; an entire wall could certainly be covered for around £75. If you have thought about having an accented wall, or a stand out feature, it’s worth trying a wall sticker. They’re easy to take off, easy to put up, and they have so many options that we could not possibly be disappointed with our chosen design.

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