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London Council failed to confirm thousands of social homes were safe


London City Council has admitted it made an “inexcusable mistake” in failing to make thousands of public housing safe to live in.

4,400 public housing units in Redbridge were identified for replacing outdated fire doors, outdated electrical reports, missing water safety certificates for housing blocks, and incomplete asbestos ratings.

City Hall conducted a self-referral to social housing regulators earlier this year when it realized the homes could not be certified as safety compliant.

The watchdog warned the council that it “has no effective system in place” and “could cause serious harm” to tenants.

Redbridge said many tests were done but the results were wrong due to “poor data management.”

Local Conservative Party leader Linda Huggett said:

“Failure to ensure safety checks are in place is a serious breach on the part of the council as it could endanger the lives of tenants.”

Jas Aswal, the leader of the council slated to be the Labor MP candidate for Ilford South to replace Sam Tully in the next election, said a centralized system would be put in place to prevent missing security checks. It said it would “automatically detect”.

“We had a pandemic and the officers stopped their day jobs to do other things to do the pandemic recovery,” he said.

“The council did the right thing by referring to regulators.

“The underlying weakness that led to the referral was poor data management. Health and safety inspections were often performed by contractors and reports were maintained in multiple locations. , the Redbridge Council is raising its hand.

“I’m not going to stand here defending the indefensible. There were mistakes. There were definitely. If I could learn a lesson from them, I would.”

Following the case of 2-year-old Awaab Ishak, who died after being exposed to excessive mold in his family’s apartment in Rochdale, the state of public housing across the country has been thrust into the limelight.

Rochdale Borrowwide Housing, which managed the flat where the infant was killed, received more than 100 formal complaints about dampness and mold on the property last year.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has written to all council leaders and all public housing providers in the UK that the situation must be remedied following Awaab’s inquest.

Macy Tyler, 22, who was incarcerated at Redbridge Council in Basildon on Monday, shares how she fears her 3-year-old son, who developed asthma after aggressive mold was not treated at home for two years. Told.

The letter she saw from her doctor LBClinked her son’s symptoms to “unacceptable living conditions” in the family.

Redbridge City Council said the property is owned by an independent contractor and city hall is considering legal action.

The spokesperson added that the council “is arranging for her house to be cleaned and a dehumidifier provided in advance of the restoration work to be carried out by agents this week.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/redbridge-council-social-housing-safe-mould-awaab-ishak-asthma-michael-gove-b1041644.html London Council failed to confirm thousands of social homes were safe

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