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London Transport Laws People Might Not Know About

There are a lot of laws and regulations that people have to abide by when using London’s transport system. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these laws, leading to fines and other penalties.

Some of these transport laws appear to be minor things that individuals perform daily without realising they are breaking the law and can result in substantial penalties. In addition to some of these laws as mentioned by EM Law, let’s explore some of the transport laws that still exist in the UK today.

You are not permitted to queue jump in the ticket halls of tube stations.

According to Transport for London’s London Underground Byelaws, bypassing a queue at a subway station ticket hall is prohibited. This is a fundamental rule, so make sure you queue even if you’re late for work. If a sign at a London Underground station reads “queue here,” you must queue. A maximum fine of £1,000 is imposed for jumping the queue at a tube station ticket hall.

This law was enacted because it can aggravate other people waiting in line and is dangerous if people rush past each other to board the train.

You can’t pay with your phone at drive-throughs.

It is illegal to use a cell phone in a car unless the engine is off and the phone is parked. The law also applies to other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and MPVs.

This law was enacted to discourage people from using their phones while driving, as it can be a distraction. According to the new Highway Code laws, anyone caught speeding through a drive-through might be fined up to £1,000 and receive six points on their license.

Furthermore, you may face court action if your driving is exceptionally irresponsible at a drive-through due to using your phone.

Aggressively blaring your car’s horn

According to the Highway Code, you cannot use your car horn aggressively between 11:30 pm and 07:00 am.

This law is that noise pollution can be a severe problem, particularly at night when people are trying to sleep. This law is in place to try and reduce the amount of noise pollution from vehicles.

If you sound a car horn angrily because you are irritated or frustrated, you could be faced up with a fine of up to £1,000 if you go to trial, contest it, and lose.

Taxis are prohibited from transporting rabid dogs, and drivers are required to inquire if passengers have the plague or smallpox

Taxi drivers are not allowed to transport rabid dogs or carry dead bodies in their cabs.  They are also required to ask their passengers if they have the plague or smallpox. If a passenger does have either of these diseases, the driver is obligated to take them to a hospital.

While these laws may seem strange, they were enacted for public safety reasons. Rabid dogs can be dangerous, and smallpox is highly contagious.


In conclusion, there are many transport laws in London that people might not be aware of. It is essential to be informed of these laws to avoid any penalties. People need to do their vigilant research and ensure that when it comes to transportation that they do not break any of these laws, or else they’ll have to endure the serious consequences and pay hefty fines.

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