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Man sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ilford’s neighbor with gown string and stealing her bank card


He was sentenced to life in prison for strangling a 67-year-old neighbor with a cord from his gown before stealing a bank card.

Jamie Cooke, 31, killed “kind and compassionate” Hillary Round in a “completely unprovoked attack” at his home in Ilford.

The Snaresbrook Criminal Court heard police were called to Ms Round’s home in De Vere Gardens at around 1:30 pm on October 12 and were concerned about her health. I was.

Her body was found inside after the police forced their way in.

Cook was subsequently arrested at an address on Horns Road, Ilford, where Hillary’s bank card was also found.

Officers had been called to Devere Gardens after Cook called his mother, who lived in Ms. Round’s lower apartment, and said she had killed her neighbor “three or four days ago.”

An autopsy confirmed that Mr. Round’s cause of death was compression on the neck.

Homicide investigators found CCTV footage of Cook using Ms. Round’s bank card at supermarkets and fast food restaurants on October 6 and 7.

A cord on a gown found in his mother’s apartment was identified as the suspected murder weapon.

Cook was charged with murder on Oct. 14.and pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court on March 16.

Cook, who lives in Astal Gardens, Ilford, also pleaded guilty to two fraud charges.

On Thursday, he was sentenced to a minimum sentence of 20 years and 205 days.

Detective Chief Inspector Joe York, the investigator in the case, said:

“The callous nature of the murder was exacerbated by the fact that he stole the bank card he used to buy food. I could not do it.”

In a statement on the impact on victims, Ms. Round’s sister, Louise Moseley, described Ms. Round as “very kind, caring, friendly, helpful and generous.” .

“She saw the best in people,” she said. “She is of Christian faith and she really enjoyed singing in the Seven Kings Gospel Choir.

“She also loved gardening, helping her mother and neighbors with their gardens. She wanted to make the world a better place.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/ilford-london-murder-crime-jamie-cook-met-police-b1069580.html Man sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ilford’s neighbor with gown string and stealing her bank card

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