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March of the Mummy: Thousands of Mothers Take to the Streets for Parenting Reform

thousands protestor He took to the streets and called on the government to reform. Childcare sector and parental leave.

in London, mother’s People gathered outside Downing Street on Saturday to shout “Dear Rishi Snak, take back our options” and protest unaffordable childcare and parental leave programs.

At a family-friendly march organized by the campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed, demonstrators wore Halloween costumes, including witch hats, as well as skeleton and vampire costumes.

31% of new parents can no longer afford to have children


Protesters held up banners reading “My skills hired me” and “My job got me fired!” “Now Affordable Daycare,” as they marched to Parliament Square.

Similar protests are taking place in other UK cities, including Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich.

Labor MP Stella Creesey joined singers from the choir Mumsing who performed on a float outside the Houses of Parliament, which was decked out in a pink banner reading “March of the Mummies.”

Mothers with babies and young children danced and sang while others stood behind holding banners that read, “The Future Will Not Raise Itself.”

UK Women’s Equality Party leader says women must work for ‘meager wages’


Pregnant Then Screwed founder Joeli Brearley encouraged the crowd to “force”. [the government] Listen to mothers.

“We need to make them listen. Thank you for being here, thank you for being a part of this moment,” said Brearley, founder of Pregnant the Screwed charity. rice field.

“When policymakers finally do something…they pretend it was all their idea, but we remember this moment.”

British Women’s Equality Party leader Mandu Reed has accused the government of forcing mothers to work for “pittance” while raising children.

About 54,000 mothers leave their jobs each year to care for children


“Underpaid, underrepresented and mostly female workers” are paying the price for the “failure” of the political system, she added.

“We can win this,” Reid said. “We will not stop until we solve the problems our political system has created.”

An estimated 54,000 mothers leave the workplace each year due to employer discrimination against mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth.

About 43,000 women quit their jobs last year to care for their families


“We are tired of being ignored and pushed to the bottom,” says Brearley. wrote in Independent.In today’s context, it has the second highest childcare costs and the third highest childcare costs in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). maternity Benefits, and the worst paternity benefits in Europe.

“We spoke with thousands of mothers and found that 31% of new parents cannot afford to have more children and 48% of pregnant women must refrain from having children. maternity leave There is a shortage due to financial difficulties,” she added.

A recent survey conducted by the Campaign Group found that 31% of new parents cannot afford to have more children and 48% of pregnant women have to cut maternity leave due to financial hardship. became.

On the other hand, 60.5% of mothers who had an abortion in the past five years said childcare costs were a factor in their decision to terminate the desired pregnancy, and 43% of mothers quit their jobs as a direct result of childcare costs. I am considering. .

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows the number of people taking time off from work to care for their children is the highest since May 2020.

the numbers showed that 43,000 women left their jobs Family care last year increased by 3% over the previous year.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/rishi-sunak-mummies-london-stella-creasy-parliament-b2213416.html March of the Mummy: Thousands of Mothers Take to the Streets for Parenting Reform

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