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Missing tourist submersible Titanic passengers include British billionaire

Massive search and rescue operations work around the clock to locate Titanic submersible, with five people on board tourist submersible that went missing en route to Titanic wreck off Canada I’m in.

UK-based businessman Shazada Dawood and his son Sulaiman have been named as two of the passengers, reportedly French Oceangate Expeditions Stockton Chief Executive Officer and Submarine Pilot Paul Henry Nargiolet hurry upand Englishman Billionaire and pilot Hamish Harding.

Shazada and Sulaiman Dawood

The father and son belong to one of Pakistan’s most prominent families.

Shazada, 48, is vice chairman of Pakistani conglomerate Engro Corporation and adviser to the King’s charity, Princes Trust International, with a focus on activities in Pakistan. .

The Durwood family, who live in Surbiton, southwest London, have been in Canada for a month.

neighbor A family member told The Telegraph they were “very good neighbors, kind and interesting people” and their son, Sulaiman, was 19.

With a LL.B. in Law from Buckingham University and an MA in Textile Marketing from the University of Philadelphia, Mr. Dawood has held trustee and director roles in multiple companies.

He joined Dawood Hercules Corporation’s board of directors in 1996 and served as vice chairman from 2018 to 2021, according to his LinkedIn profile. The company is an investment holding platform and Engro Corporation is its subsidiary.

According to the charity, Mr. Durwood’s father, Hussein Darwood, was a founding beneficiary of Prince’s Trust International.

Stockton Rush

Stockton Rush, chief executive and founder of Oceangate Expeditions, was originally trained as a pilot and became the youngest person in the world at age 19 in 1981, according to a profile on the Oceangate website. became a jet transport evaluation pilot.

He has been married to Wendy Rush (née Weill) since 1986, and the announcement of their marriage was published in The New York Times. Ms. Weill is listed on her LinkedIn page as the Director of Communications for Oceangate and a “Communications and Tracking Team Member” for the Titanic expedition.

In a 2017 alumni magazine interview Princeton UniversityHe studied mechanical and aerospace engineering there. I thought he was a space explorer. I thought it was Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars…and then I realized it was all under the sea. “

Rush co-founded Oceangate in 2009 and has led manned expeditions to remote oceans, including the Titanic.

He is also a founder and board member of the Oceangate Foundation, a linked charity that uses ocean technology to advance our understanding of marine science, history and archaeology.

In parallel with this work, Mr. Rush has been involved in the development of many companies, experimental ventures and inventions, including serving on the board of directors of Seattle-based BlueView Technologies, a manufacturer of small high-frequency sonars, and serving as chairman of Remote Control Technology. has also directed. Inc. manufactures wireless remote control devices for companies such as Boeing.

According to Oceangate’s biography, he built his own plane, piloted it himself, and made more than 30 dives in a modified two-seater submersible.

He told Sky News in February that he was struck by the Titanic’s “beauty” during a previous visit.

Mr Rush said: “What really amazes me is the beauty of it.

“It’s an amazingly beautiful sunken ship.”

Paul Henry Nargiolet

A former commander of the French navy for 25 years, Narjolet, reportedly 77, was part of the first human expedition to visit the ship in 1987, according to the Telegraph.

After serving as captain of the deep sea diving group in the French Navy, he has held many positions in the field of deep sea diving and submarine operation, including director of DESM. is described. .

Sky News reported that he joined the French Institute for Marine Research and Development after a career in the navy, according to Five Deeps Expeditions, a company that brings together scientists, engineers and submarine pilots for the mission.

As Director of the Underwater Research Program for RMS Titanic, he led the recovery of items from the Titanic over several expeditions.

The Telegraph reports that he lives in Connecticut, USA, and his adult children live in Cork, Ireland.

Last year, he published a book about his experience on the Titanic, Dans Les Profondeurs Du Titanic (Depths of the Titanic), in France.

In a 2019 interview with the Irish Examiner, he said:

“If you’re in very deep water, you’ll be dead before you realize anything’s wrong, so it doesn’t matter.”

Hamish Harding

The billionaire pilot and chairman of Action Aviation, a sales and operations company that manages the sale of private jets among other business aviation services, shared on his Instagram account that he participated in the Oceangate expedition as a “mission specialist.” .

Harding, 58, is based in the UAE, where Action Aviation is headquartered, and describes himself as a “world explorer” in his social media biographies.

His friend, marine scientist James Meane, described him as “very charming” and “very adventurous” in an interview with the BBC’s World at One.

According to multiple reports, he has two sons named Laurie and Giles, a stepdaughter named Lauren, and a stepson named Brian Zaz, with his wife called Linda.

In a profile on Action Aviation’s website, Harding writes that the company is the “chosen professional representative” for large aircraft transactions between heads of state, dignitaries, Fortune 100 companies and international corporations.

Harding holds several Guinness World Records, including the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth by air over the North and South Poles in 46 hours, 40 minutes and 22 seconds.

In March 2021, he shared the record with Victor Vescovo for the longest single dive across the deepest part of the ocean in 4 hours and 15 minutes along the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Western Pacific.

In an interview with the Dubai-based Carriage Times, Harding said of the trip: That sparked my interest in embarking on adventures and exploration. “

He said he often took his son Giles on these trips, including another world-record-breaking trip to the South Pole, where 12-year-old Giles became the youngest visitor.

He also took part in the fifth manned space flight by Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company Blue Origin last year, according to Sky News.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/rush-british-french-princeton-university-neighbours-b2361050.html Missing tourist submersible Titanic passengers include British billionaire

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