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Modern learning trends that will drive success

The industry is changing and with it, learning trends are changing too. Because of the increased competition, the complex daily business operation, and situations more difficult than ever before that need application of well-retained knowledge, the modern learners are requiring learning methods that empower them with retainable, practical knowledge and learning that is accessible enough to be accessed at any point in time for urgent referrals.

Considering all these factors, many companies have taken up different approaches to eLearning methods. These approaches can be customized to fit exactly the needs and goals of an organization. All these approaches and customizations are pretty unique since every learner from every organization has a unique set of learning needs and requirements. However, all these custom eLearning methods can be broadly categorized into some modern learning trends that have immense potential to drive change and success.

Delivering learning adhering to these trends has become very easy with the help of eLearning software or learning management systems. The only thing you have to do is understand your own goals, carefully compare LMSs on the basis of review and pricing, for example, Thinkfic pricing, and then choose and implement the right one that aligns with your objectives.

So, let’s find out about some of these modern learning trends below.

Personalized learning

 Traditionally, learning has been pretty standardized as the course material and learning pathways have been set for the learners to follow them. But soon enough, the learning industry and various learners around the world started understanding the need for niche learning as it is more straightforward and relevant. It also caters to the learner better and fulfills their unique set of learning requirements.

Because of the recent changes in the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been drastic changes in how we deal with business operations. To adapt to such changes, learning needs to be more relevant. Also, different employees in an organization have different roles to fulfill which is why they need to learn different skills, comply with different sets of regulations, and stay updated about the new trends related to their job. Thus, a generic course will not help all these learners.

The best way to successfully handle this is personalized learning. Learning management systems provide all kinds of tools and features that can be used to build personalized courses and learning pathways that will cater to the right people in the right way.


 Micro-learning is becoming popular in the learning industry very rapidly. This technique helps break down the longer courses into smaller course modules that have a lot of administrative and learning-related benefits.

The smaller modules are easier to update and change. In this fast-growing industry, every day there is some new compliance or regulation or a new set of skills that the employees have to learn in order to work more efficiently. Thus, organizations have to change their course material and update it with new info frequently. Unlike traditional course material, which goes in a single flow and is difficult to change, these micro modules can be updated much easier. These micro modules are also easier and faster to learn. It also enables the learners to skip what they already know and focus on topics that truly are in the best interest of their learning requirements.

Mobile Learning

 The modern learner, especially the gen Z workforce prefers learning from wherever and whenever possible rather than sitting in an instructor-led classroom, cramming up pieces of information. They like learning and then immediately applying the knowledge. With a multi-tasking mindset, this new set of learners likes to learn on the go.

Thus, the best way to enable learners with the option to learn anywhere at any time is to make eLearning programs mobile device friendly. With the course material becoming compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, learning has crossed the barriers of time and location.


 There are of course many other trends that are emerging in the industry. Each trend has a very unique style and a set of benefits. These three trends that are discussed here can be a very good starting point for understanding the modern learning trends and implementing some of them for your own learning programs for optimum learning experiences.

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