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Most Viral Cryptocurrencies to Invest In This Year

Find out why it is more sensible to invest in cryptocurrency than fiat money in 2022. Then, let us introduce the ten most promising digital tokens that can make you rich.

The demand for crypto keeps rising at rapid speeds in the international banking market. Investing in crypto is definitely on the rise. Furthermore, according to experts, investing in digital currencies in 2022 will be more beneficial than in fiat money. This is mainly because of the decentralization of cryptocurrency. No authority controls it, and investors get more freedom. Other benefits of investing in digital currencies are:

  • A higher level of security compared to banks: Banks are not prone to cyber-attacks which happen regularly. But cryptos are decentralized, hence harder to access, which makes them more secure.
  • Crypto fluctuations are more frequent and significant: Banks’ interest rates are fixed, which can’t be said about digital funds. Thanks to the systematic and huge fluctuations, profiting from your investment can be several times higher.
  • There is no room for fraud: Thanks to blockchain technology, all records are preserved while counterfeit transfers can’t happen.

Best Most Promising Cryptos of 2022

As you can see, the first thing an investor should do in 2022 is to collect cryptos to trade at a higher price. The industry experts have named the ten most viral digital funds that will take the world by storm this year. We’d recommend considering investing in them.

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So, let’s review the most trendy cryptos for 2022. See what your customers may choose to invest in.

Dodge Coin

First released in 2013, Dodge Coin is today included in the top valuable cryptos, having grown by 14K percent during the last two quarters of 2021. Even Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla CEO, has tweeted about this coin, which rumors he is the coin’s brand ambassador.


XRP is among the cheapest cryptos in the world. However, it is very popular among investors for the low cost and its tendency to grow. Many experts predict a booming year for XRP. Today you can purchase one XRP at less than a dollar and sell several times higher by the end of the year.

Lucky Block

This is an open-space blockchain protocol, i.e., developers can run effectively performing blockchains besides creating them. Earlier this year, Lucky Block organized a pre-sale during which over 32% of the digital currency was sold. The starting price of Lucky Block on Pancakesoap is 0.0021. So, even if you have tiny capital, investing in this currency is optimal.

Shiva Inu

The Japanese cryptocurrency, named after a popular dog breed, is a new player in the market. Investors first learned about it in the Summer of 2020. Despite this, if we look at Shiva Inu’s growth rate, it comes second after Bitcoin. Its entire market value is estimated at over 10 billion dollars.


Another digital asset to consider investing in is Tron. It was first introduced in 2016 and has greatly grown since then. Offered at the price of 0.10, this coin even stands ahead of Ethereum.


The beneficially low prices and the strikingly high speed at which Stellar grew during the last two months have made it one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. Stellar is most surely going to shake the market soon.


Sushiswap is a unique digital asset since it allows trading with no side intervention. Professional investors recommend buying these coins today since they are going to make a boom in a couple of months.

Mana (Dysentreland)

Unlike others, this is a universal cryptocurrency since it is immensely incorporated in the 3D gaming world Dysentreland. Using the platform’s local currency, Mana coins, you can buy virtual lands and establish real estate later. Then, using the open market, you can sell the real estate. All the transactions here are done with Mana. If you still doubt, be aware that Dysentreland has virtual elements priced at over one million dollars!

The Graph

Most probably, you know this cryptocurrency as Block Chain Indexing. This is native digital money in GRT token costing less than 0.50. According to professionals’ speculations, The Graph can go viral in 2022.

ADA (Cardano)

ADA is the local currency of the Cardano blockchain. Right at this moment, it is picking its momentum in the digital market. The rise is predicted to be stable for the rest of the year. The token is known for its low energy levels consumption, but the main emphasis that traders make is the rapid rise in value that has already started.

Final Words

Whether you are an expert trader or a beginner interested in crypto investments, all the described crypto assets are worth considering. Don’t lose your chance to make much profit, while Crassula will serve as an excellent platform for your crypto transactions.


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