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Moving labour services: when and how to hire!!!

Are you in the process of thinking about a DIY move but confused whether you can do it by yourself or hiring services would be a good option for you? If yes, then there is no direct answer to it because every move is unique and the needs of all these are different. But in the end, the moving process is not as easy as it seems therefore hiring movers is a wise option. Hiring full-service movers mean you don’t even have to do a single moving and all the laborious work of packing, loading, and moving will be done by the movers themselves but it comes with a price tag. To cut down the cost, labour services are great which comes somewhere in between a DIY move and hiring full-service movers. Check out this guide.

 When you should hire these services?

Hiring these services is great as you can get help in moving-related tasks without asking for help from anyone else. You can hire moving labour services from Moving Apt anytime whenever you want during any specific job of moving. like if you hate packing then hire them to do the packing.

For packing

Packing is such a laborious job and requires a lot of your time and effort. If you don’t have enough time then getting help is a good idea. Instead of getting help from friends and then regretting your decision later, you should get ready to pay a few bucks.


Usually, loading heavy boxes in a moving truck is a job that can’t be done alone and you will need the help of additional hands.


Cleaning of a new home is required before you unbox the packed items. Cleaning is one of the most daunting jobs which does not only require time but also hard effort.

Furniture disassembly

Large pieces of furniture need to be dissembled first and then have to be loaded. Dissembling helps to turn large pieces into small making handling and packing easier. Professionals can do it with ease with their experience.


For loading and unloading of the stuff, it is important to have the right skills, and one can’t perform the entire task by himself/herself so hiring services is the best way to perform this job.


Unboxing items is not as tough as packing but you can take the help of additional hands in this job also. If you take the help of movers then it will stress off your shoulders and now you can feel a little relaxed and can have morethe time that you can spend on other crucial tasks.


Moving laborers are professional in providing moving services just like qualified movers. If you are looking to hire them, then consider following the below-given steps.

Get Recommendations

Don’t you know how to get it? You can ask your friends,neighbours, or colleagues if they are aware of any company. Contacting the localreal estate agents or looking into the phonebook can also come across as a great help when searching for moving laborers. You should not rely on the websites of companies offering these services because these can be scams. While there are also some genuine companies present and you should always hire the one only after researching them.

Perform an initial screening

Once you are equipped with the names of two or morecompanies offering moving labour services, you must screen the listed companies. Do a background check to know if the company is not a fraud. You can also contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to know whether the specific company is allowed to carry the business in the moving industry or not. Another way you can be sure of the legalization of the company is to check the consumer advocacy sites. Usually blacklisted companies are acquainted with numerous customer complaints so you should avoid hiring these.

Pick services that offer in-house moving estimates

Before you hire any particular company providing labourfor completing your moving tasks, it is always better to get in-house moving price estimates from three or four companies. Moving costs estimates depends on the number and size of your belongings, services required, and traveling distance. Having estimates beforehand will help you to choose professional moving labour services at a reasonable price. To calculate the estimated cost, usually companies visit your home and assess the size of your house and belongings. If the specific company avoids this step then don’t opt for the one.

Choose one out of 4 to 5 

After getting a quote from 4 to 5 companies, you shouldselect the one which is licensed, insured, and which offers affordable


Bottom line!!!

You know moving is a job which can’t be performed alone. The better you know how to hire professionals and when the easier the process will become. This also helps you to reduce the cost of moving because hiring full-service professionals is expensive. 


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