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My ex used Alexa to stalk me before threatening acid attack – I’m scared to see him, woman says in court

After using Alexa to listen to her ex-boyfriend, the stalker threatened to stab her new boyfriend and throw acid in her face.

Hassan Mehmet, 35, harassed Shelby Laidlaw, warning him that he would pull out her teeth after he deliberately crashed his Jaguar in an attempt to commit suicide on the highway.


Hassan Mehmet, 35, harassed Shelby Laidlaw and her partner
Mehmet spied on ex-boyfriend from home using Amazon Alexa


Mehmet spied on ex-boyfriend from home using Amazon AlexaCredit: P.A.

The couple had been in a relationship for 13 years before it ended in April.

That month, Mehmet was arrested for intimidating and controlling behavior and general domestic assault after he was accused of biting Ms. Laidlaw on the head.

he was released police He was released on bail but embarked on a campaign of harassment.

Laidlaw noticed that she was using Alexa to hear her voice at her home address.

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He was also watching her and had sent a message that he had seen her drive away from the house.

On April 21, Laidlaw allowed Mehmet to accompany him to the hospital.

But later in the car, he threatened to use a knife on one of her male friends.

The next day he went to her house and threatened throw acid in her facethen drove off in her car.

He had a puncture in his M20 but continued to drive at high speed before deliberately crashing.

He told police he was trying to hurt himself because the relationship had broken down.

After Mehmet was discharged from the hospital, he stabbed Laidlaw and threatened to pay someone to beat her boyfriend.

He was eventually arrested and remanded in July.

At a hearing at the Old Bailey, Mehmet’s defense said he was suffering from emotionally unstable personality disorder at the time and was “very, very, very sick”.

Mehmet of Southwark, South East London, He pleaded guilty to stalking and driving.

He is scheduled to appear again at the Old Bailey tomorrow for sentencing.

Judge Philip Katz said:Here you can easily handle the following cases murder

In an impact statement read to the court, Laidlaw wrote:

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Mehmet has 29 convictions for 36 crimes committed between 2001 and 2017.

They include robbery, scandal, robbery, malicious seizure of a vehicle, criminal damage, theft, and handling of stolen goods.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20342434/stalker-alexa-spy-ex-before-threatening-bf-acid/ My ex used Alexa to stalk me before threatening acid attack – I’m scared to see him, woman says in court

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