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My Life as a Double Decker Bus Driver – From the Driver’s “Office” to Dealing with Nightmarish Passengers

The double-decker bus driver shared insights into his life, from the “office” in the driver’s seat to dealing with nightmarish passengers.

Andre used to drive a bus London and gave him tick tock to a humorous video about his career.


Andre shares insights on life as a double-decker bus driver on TikTokCredit: tiktok/@deckerlondon
He shared his 'office' and food hiding places


He shared his ‘office’ and food hiding placesCredit: tiktok/@deckerlondon

From jokes about spending lunchtime alone to tips on how to read bus schedules, @DeckerLondon doesn’t take his account too seriously.

In the video, Andre explains that work can be hard and that you need to stay focused.

“Honestly, driving a bus in London is tough because it has to be 100% full. [of] focus,” he said.

“[If you don’t] you are going to hit the busdamaged the roof by hitting a low bridge, damaged the panel [or] I hurt someone on the bus.

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“Because if a passenger you know is in an accident, they’re going to file a lawsuit right away.”

He pans to the driver’s seat and says, “This is my office, my cup of tea. It’s really good. He laughs.”

Pointing under the driver’s seat, André said, “There’s food here so you know when you’re hungry.

A small cabin is where London bus drivers store their documents and everything they need for their shift.

He also revealed that the radio they have is not musical and only brings messages about routes and other work-related issues.

“Because a bus is not a car, it can’t always be fast and you can’t always get to your destination in five minutes,” he continued.

“If you give it enough time, you can get there safely and happily.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/20480015/life-as-double-decker-bus-driver/ My Life as a Double Decker Bus Driver – From the Driver’s “Office” to Dealing with Nightmarish Passengers

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