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Nearly half of Britons tricked into eating vegan food by partners preferred plant-based food

One in five people were tricked into eating plant-based foods by their partner and didn’t realize it.

The survey of 2,000 adults in romantic relationships found that 35% of those who have been cheated on actually liked it. meatless option After eating, go around the real thing.


Some Brits are tricked by their partners into eating plant-based foods, preferring plant-based foods to meat.Credit: Getty

Favorite alternatives were pizza (21%), meatballs (20%) and sausage rolls (20%), followed closely by hamburgers (19%).

41% also said they would consider voting in favor of eating more meat-free products in the future.

“It’s interesting to see how our preconceived notions affect our taste buds,” said Neville Tam of The No Meat Company, who commissioned the research to launch the Ultimate Burger.

“People often have strong opinions about food without actually eating it, so it can take a little effort to get them to understand.”

To test the meat trick, Googlebox star Lisa Baggs gave her husband Terry a blind taste test of burgers with a choice of meat and plant-based options.

Meat-lover Terry said he couldn’t find meat-free alternatives from the lineup and would consider eating them again in the future.

The study also found that 41% of those surveyed had preconceptions about what meatless alternatives would be like before trying them.

However, a quarter were surprised by the taste and 43% considered eating them a positive experience.

Thirty-seven percent of those adding meat to their diet are doing a “Meat Free Monday,” and 56% believe alternative products are closer to the “real thing” than they were ten years ago.

But steak (19%), bacon (19%) and cheese (17%) are the most difficult, according to those surveyed.

Money and a love of meat and dairy is one of the reasons people are still not fully vegan or vegetarian.

And 23% believe that life is too short to take away something fun.

Nonetheless, 3 in 10 people think eating a plant-based diet is good for them, and 20% classify it as ‘trendy’.

The average adult knows 5 vegan or veggie options, and 34% even suspect they do at least one just because it’s considered cool. claim.

It also revealed that 38% of those with children had tricked their children into eating meat or dairy alternatives, with 4 in 10 claiming to be unaware.

The survey, conducted through OnePoll, found that 22% were successful, with 41% defrauding the other half.

However, 29% got into altercations for trying to disguise what they were actually eating.

Neville Tam adds:

“You never know if you like something until you try it, so I recommend putting your preconceived notions aside and letting your taste buds take over.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20125365/nearly-half-of-brits-tricked-eating-vegan-food/ Nearly half of Britons tricked into eating vegan food by partners preferred plant-based food

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