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New York Solutions is very effective in making skin look better

Though many women in Singapore are busy professionals and earn well, they continue to be judged by their appearance. Specifically, people notice the face of the woman and skin. Working women often travel long distances, have a very hectic schedule, lead stressful life and this adversely affects their skin. While there is a large range of skin care products available, often they are not very effective in improving the skin. In other cases, the working woman does not have the time to apply the skincare lotion or cream properly, so it does not have the desired effect. Hence increasingly women are preferring to visit beauty salons that use the latest technologies and skincare products. Many women are interested in finding a reliable NYSS, New York Skin Solutions review, since the beauty salon is one of the most widely advertised skincare treatment providers. Some information about one of the top skincare service providers compiled from multiple reviews is provided below.

New York Solutions is very effective in making skin look better

Initial consultation

To give the client the best possible skin care treatment, a consultant will first do a detailed skin analysis. The skin of every client is different so the treatment is customized accordingly. In some cases, the consultant will also do an analysis of the skin of the underarm, since this is less exposed to sunlight and pollution like the facial skin. Records of every client who undergoes treatment at the beauty salon are retained, so that if they require any skin treatment later, it is easy to retrieve the records, and treat the client accordingly.

Initial treatment

Typically the first step in the treatment is makeup removal, though some clients do not wear makeup when they go for skincare treatment. After this, a cleaning solution is applied to remove all the dirt and grime which have been deposited on the face. In some cases, a hot towel is used. The face is then massaged. The most painful part of the facial is the removal of blackheads and dirt from the pores in the face. Tweezers, scissors, needles, and other metallic tools are used for cleaning the pores. Many women notice a significant improvement in their complexion after the pores are cleared. A lotion to reduce the inflammation is then applied

New York Solutions is very effective in making skin look better

Collagen treatment

To make the skin look younger and well hydrated, collagen treatment is used. The first time collagen is applied with an ultrasound applicator so that it is absorbed by the skin properly. Then collagen is applied with a brush. After this, a clay mask specially formulated for the skin is applied. After the clay mask hardens it is removed and the face cleaned. Most customers are satisfied with the treatment since there is a noticeable improvement in their skin which regains its elasticity and is well hydrated, blemish-less, and is less tanned.


While the facial is the most popular treatment from NYSS, there are other treatments like dark circle reduction which are also very popular. The pricing will vary depending on the package selection. Though the price of the standard facial package is higher at $180 per session, customers can avail of promotional deals of $28 if they wish to check the effectiveness of the skincare treatment.

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