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Nicolas Bury’s family denounces ‘extremely inaccurate speculation’ about her death

Nicola Brie’s family today released a “highly inaccurate speculation” about the dog walker’s disappearance after a coroner concluded that a woman walking her dog accidentally fell into an icy river and drowned. ‘ on social media.

After hearing that a thorough police investigation had ruled out suicide or the involvement of a third party in the death of the mother of two, they lashed out at internet trolls who continue to send “targeted negative messages.” .

And they urged the public to “look at the facts,” “ignore the views and opinions of laymen,” and “be mindful of the impact of words.”

Their plea was repeated by the top detective in the unit investigating the 45-year-old’s death.

Chief Superintendent Pauline Stables, the chief criminal officer of Lancashire Police, said the coroner’s “clear and conclusive findings put an end to the unjustified speculation and conspiracy theories that have caused so much damage to Nikki’s family. I hope that,” he said.

Nicola Brie, 45, a mother of two, disappeared while walking her dog in Lancashire on January 27.

Bree and partner Paul Ansell

Bree and partner Paul Ansell

Lancashire’s senior coroner, Dr James Addery, has concluded that the mortgage adviser died “almost instantly” after falling into the River Wyer at around 9:22 am on 27 January. and they rebelled.

Bree’s partner, Paul Ansel, told the hearing that he believed the incident happened after he left his cell phone on the bench to harness Willow the spaniel after a walk.

But Dr. Addery said there was no “evidence” that would allow him to say exactly why she fell into water that was so cold that she lost consciousness within seconds.

His conclusion came after it was first revealed that Bree’s sister had called an ambulance 17 days before her disappearance, citing concerns over her drinking and saying she didn’t want to be here.

An autopsy also said that Bully had suffered from side effects such as headaches and trouble sleeping after being diagnosed with menopause the previous year and taking hormone replacement therapy.

But her family claimed that the night before she disappeared, she was “bean-filled” with a work contract and was planning for the next few days and weeks.

Ms Bree disappeared after dropping off her two daughters, ages 6 and 9, at school in the village of St Michaels-on-Wyre, Lancashire, sparking a massive search.

Her spaniel was found free-ranging near the Wire River, and her mobile phone was left on a nearby bench, connected to her work team’s calls.

After there was no trace of her body despite an extensive search operation, amateur detectives took to social media and began harassing villagers, spreading outlandish theories.

Bree's sister, Louise Cunningham, broke down in tears as she described how her brother struggled with menopause and

Bree’s sister, Louise Cunningham, broke down in tears as she described how her brother struggled with menopause and “increased alcohol consumption.”

Police tried to explain why they believed she fell into the water, but they said she was experiencing “significant problems with alcohol” brought on by her battle with menopause. faced a storm of criticism after

‘It’s infuriating that we continue to receive targeted messages’: Full Bree family statement

“The last few months have been very difficult for our family. The emotional impact will linger on our hearts and we will never recover from the loss of Nikki, but we all knew and loved each other very much.” We will forever remember her as a wonderful mother, partner, daughter and sister.

“The help and support we have received over the last few months has meant more than words can say. From family and friends to strangers across the country and around the world, thank you.

“Nicky and Paul’s daughters have already taken great comfort in the thoughtful gifts they sent with good intentions and will read many cards of such kindness and love in time. Sadly, we feel the social media issue needs to be raised and addressed again.

“It is infuriating that we continue to receive negative and targeted messages and still witness highly inaccurate speculation being shared across multiple platforms.

“We encourage people to look at the facts, the evidence heard at the coroner’s inquest, and the coroner’s conclusions, ignore layman’s views and opinions, and be mindful of the impact of words.

“We would like to formally thank the Lancashire Police Department, Coroner Dr Adélie and his team, Head of the Courts Office Ms Sophie Cartwright KC and Hudgell Attorney Terry Wilcox for their support and compassion.

“Now we need to be given time to understand all the events leading up to this day. Please respect our privacy at this time, rebuild us and take time to heal.” Thank you.”

More than three weeks later, the body of the mortgage adviser was finally found in the water, about a mile downstream.

After hearing the evidence for two days at the Preston courthouse, coroner Dr. Addery said the time she slipped into the water was linked to data from a Fitbit that was retrieved, charged and synced with her body. said to be based on

Her heart rate peaked at 9:22 a.m. that morning, she said, and no further steps were recorded after 9:30 a.m.

The coroner’s inquest said the riverbank beneath the bench where Brie’s phone was soon found was “nearly vertical” and anyone who fell would fall into 15 feet (4.6 meters) of water. rice field.

Dr. Addery said he accepted evidence from leading experts on drowning that cold-water shock would have set in as soon as he jumped into a river at 3.6 degrees Celsius (38.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The coroner said, “Whether Nikki’s first breath was above or below the water, she would have lost consciousness and died before reaching the first point on the Wire River.” .

Earlier at the hearing, an ambulance was called to his home in Inskip on January 10 after his sister, Louise Cunningham, expressed concern that her drinking had escalated and she “didn’t want to be involved” with her two daughters. I was told it was sent.

According to the autopsy report, she also commented, “I don’t want to be here.”

That came after a “surprise” last Christmas when she stopped taking the HRT medication she had been taking for menopausal symptoms due to side effects.

Today, Mrs. Cunningham gave evidence and said she was “worried” and wanted “peace of mind.”

But the 42-year-old insisted, “She never told me about her suicidal thoughts or anything like that.”

She said it was “a bit of a wake-up call” for her sister, after which Bree said she drank less and was more herself.

When I asked him what he thought happened the morning of his disappearance, he replied, “There’s no way Nicky would leave Willow out of her own accord.” Bree was in bed when mental health nurse Teresa Lewis Levy went upstairs to visit her on Jan. 10, and she was apparently “intoxicated,” she told the hearing. said in

“She didn’t want to have a conversation,” she said. “It’s safe to say that the exchange was very brief.” The coroner said Brie had fallen the previous evening and injured the back of her head and was seen by A&E at Blackpool Victoria Hospital the next day. .

Terry Wilcox making a family statement outside the Preston Courthouse today

Terry Wilcox making a family statement outside the Preston Courthouse today

A CT scan of the head was performed, which showed no evidence of trauma.

When presented with the evidence, Mr. Ansell broke down in tears and had to leave the chamber to soothe himself after Bree agreed that he was a “wonderful mother” who “worshiped” the walking Willow.

The 44-year-old said she looked “normal” as she got her daughters ready for school the morning she disappeared.

Asked if he had ever expressed suicidal thoughts, Ansel said he had “a few throwaway lines” just before his disappearance but “nothing to worry about”.

He said she was “looking forward to the future,” adding that “everything was going well.”

The Information Commissioner’s Office announced last month that it would not take any action against revelations about Bree’s health.

He said he had heard of the “difficult” task of deciding which information to release in a “fast-paced” investigation.

An independent inquiry into the Lancashire Police case handling is underway by the Police College.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12239285/Nicola-Bulleys-family-slam-wildly-inaccurate-speculation-death.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Nicolas Bury’s family denounces ‘extremely inaccurate speculation’ about her death

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