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Ofcom investigates Sky News about Chris Kaba protest mix-up.sky news

Sky News is being investigated by media regulators after it falsely suggested a protest march over the police shooting of Chris Kaba was a crowd in mourning. Queen Elizabeth II.

thousands Protests in central London On September 10, five days after Met firearms officers shot an unarmed 24-year-old hippopotamus following a chase in south London. Demonstrators included Labor MPs Diane Abbott and Bel Ribeiro Addy and musician Stormzy.

Sky News was streaming footage from a royal mourner’s helicopter in central London as cameras zoomed in on a protest march approaching Trafalgar Square. Despite the fact that some of the group carried Black Lives Matter banners, sky news Presenter Sarah Jane Mee mistook them for royal favors heading to Buckingham Palace.

Talking about the image, she said:

“There are thousands of people lining up for that route. , talks about his wishes for a new king.

The clip went viral and was featured in the British media as an example of racial prejudice. obcom received 598 complaints that it did not meet the accuracy standards required by the Broadcasting Act.

Doesn’t mean start an investigation Sky Media regulators tend to look more kindly at quickly rectified errors, so we know the news is against the rules. Sky News and Mee have already apologized for the mistake, and the channel aired an on-air apology, emphasizing that it addressed Kaba’s case separately.

Charity Inquest is submitted a concern About Hippo’s shooting at the United Nations Office for Human Rights.

https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/sep/26/ofcom-investigates-sky-news-over-chris-kaba-protest-mix-up Ofcom investigates Sky News about Chris Kaba protest mix-up.sky news

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