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Opinion | Harry’s Cracked Fairy Tale

Harry often identifies with the quarry. Once, when he was obsessed with weed at Eton, he saw a fox and felt more connected to it than to his classmates and family. He fears being hunted by what he calls tabloid “sadists” to such an extent that he believes both his and Meghan’s sanity and lives are at stake, as was his mother. i hate it

A prince who needs a hug. (Perhaps that’s why Charles kept the ragged teddy bear into adulthood.) Harry’s brother, obsessed with inheritance, often kept his affectionate brother at arm’s length, strangely calling him “Harold,” earning himself status as Harry’s “nemesis.”

So, Harry married Meghan, a mother-like hugger, strangers like Tyler Perry offered a homeless couple an LA compound, and A-listers pushed former “Suits” actresses up their ranks.

I have to admit that I would have put up with a lot to live through history to see the end of the Elizabethan era. , I wish I had nursed a thermos of Scotch and listened to whatever she had to say about someone.

Harry becomes self-deprecating in the book, remembering his nickname “Prince Sicoo” and admitting that he was not literary. He’s horrified that Meghan read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Also, he was indifferent to history, and although it was his own family that he was studying, a teacher gave him a wooden ruler engraved with the names of all the English monarchs since 1066. I gave it as a gift to Her grandmother, he did not question Gangan about her famous and infamous relatives. He taught her how to say “fuzzy” in Ali’s G-her style.

Despite his father’s love for bards, he could not get into Shakespeare. “Opened Hamlet,” Harry wrote. “Hmm, a lonely prince possessed by a dead parent sees his left parent fall in love with the dead parent’s usurper…? I slammed it shut. No, thanks. Harry is not an intellectual like Hamlet, but he is resentful and obsessed with his mother and follows what he thinks are his parents’ ghostly desires, even if it leads to the downfall of the court.

Harry’s inner conflict was not “to exist or not to exist”, but “to divide or not to divide”. He ripped, spilled, and now, like the end of all Shakespearean tragedies, the stage is bloody and strewn with corpses.

https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/14/opinion/prince-harry-spare-royal-family.html Opinion | Harry’s Cracked Fairy Tale

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