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OPINION | Prince Harry is right, and it’s not just a matter of royal gossip

It was all transactional. Former Press Secretary Sandy Henney said of Charles: unloving husband. I think he was pretty hurt. She said Bolland worked to change Charles’ image. Talked about Bolland. “He got the result he wanted.” (Boland rejected these accusations. )

Bolland was also accused of approving a News of the World article alleging that 16-year-old Harry took drugs, and that the tabloids accused Charles of taking Harry to a rehab center in exchange for praise. I was shown what I said was a photo of the visit. Harry wrote: 7 page tabloid spread The photo was from his official visit to the center.Bolland later admitted that the sequence of events had been distorted To make Charles look goodAfter Diana’s death, the press spun a portrayal of Charles. “Pa will now be introduced to the world as a troubled single dad.”

I think he claimed that Harry and Meghan made a deal blindly.

And in response to all this vitriol, no mention of the violent actor rising from the woodwork. a definite threat to her lifethat is, from the right end.

Yet, shortly after leaving the UK, Harry and Meghan abruptly dropped official security. increase. Despite reportedly currently planning to incur £3 million a year To ensure the safety of my brother Andrew, accused of Sexual exploitation of young women and girls (he Denied), a £12 million settlement with the accusers after Andrew’s public security ended also reported to have been paid in part by the Queen.

The way tabloids spread free claims and create a sense of imminent threat to create social frenzy can also be used for targets other than stray royalty.

In the run-up to the Brexit vote, among other blatant bullshit, the UK the tabloids screeched it, thanks to a secret conspiracy concocted in Brussels, the European Union will allow hordes of Turks to invade Britain, commit crimes, have too many babies and bankrupt social services. Turkey is not even a member of the EU. Brexit won by a narrow margin, but it still hurts the UK.

My impression from his memoir is that Harry wants to create a crusade that applies sunlight to corrupt media practices and his family’s participation. If he succeeds in fighting the vile forces he feels he has endangered, he may bring more decency to Britain and even curb the power of the worst practices in the media. .

https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/25/opinion/harry-meghan-tabloids.html OPINION | Prince Harry is right, and it’s not just a matter of royal gossip

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