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Parallax Art Fair 2021. Yana Riznyk and her new cycle «Off-Earth»

Young artist Yana Riznyk took part in the international exhibition «Parallax Art Fair», held October 22-24 in London. She presented three paintings: «Status Quo», «Friday tradition», «Unexpected perspective» from the new cycle «Off-Earth», dedicated to current issues of our time.

Exhibition «Parallax Art Fair» — Europe’s largest platform for the exchange of ideas and promotion of art. This art fair presents original works of famous artists from Great Britain, India, Spain, Russia, Canada, and other countries. «Parallax Art Fair» — an event for everyone, regardless of age, color, condition, or education. It brings together artists and connoisseurs of contemporary art and helps to establish contacts and business connections between them.

The stylistics of the works presented at «Parallax Art Fair» by Yana Riznyk refers us to the work of German expressionists, whose works were an expression of personal emotional reaction to the turbulent events of the early XX century, and futurist artists who tried «to reflect in their paintings the acceleration of the pace of life and industrialization of the environment as signs of a new era». Bright, sometimes acid paints. Emotional, even «sumptuous» brushwork. Relevance of the raised topics. «Technological» and at the same time fantastic, «Off-Earth» entourage, in which the action unfolds. Even the name of the cycle is «Off-Earth» (remember Russian futurists!) All of this unites her works with the innovative movements of the early XX century, and makes them the continua tors of these trends, developing and actualizing them with a new coil of the spiral.

In terms of subject, as befits contemporary art, there are more questions than answers. Why do we need it? Why do we require exploring space and other planets? What are we going to do there? Won’t it turn out that we will do the same to other planets by making Earth uninhabitable? How do we not carry the mistakes and negative experiences of «On-Earth» life into «Off-Earth» life? How do we live side by side with artificial intelligence? Our robot’s helpers or potential enemies? When should we stop the development of robotics, where is the point of no return? Will earthlings be able to maintain the Status Quo, or has the Rubicon already been passed?

For all their relevance, the bright, emotional works of Yana Riznyk are very picturesque and positive in their perception. The degree of problematics is reduced by the irony and humor with which the stories are created. There is a feeling of familiarity with their favorite literary and film plots. Or maybe it’s just a movie being made?



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