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Places To Walk in Tucson

Located southeast of Phoenix, Tucson is the second-most populous city in Arizona. It majorly incorporates suburban areas and has a happening downtown situated in the south. From historical landmarks and remains of colonial architecture to majestic skyscrapers and a rich profusion of flora and fauna, Tucson has everything one might ask for.

Whether you are planning an adventurous solo trip or looking forward to spending quality family time in nature’s lap, this city is just perfect for any of your endeavours!

While you can visit the popular tourist attractions and spend your time sightseeing some of the most beautiful spots of Arizona, do not forget to check out the walking tour options in Tucson. Such walking or biking excursions along the scenic trails would be an out-of-the-world experience, and you will get a closer look at the authentic lifestyle of the city.

Before you start planning any further, make sure you have filled and submitted the ESTA form for America. The process of approval of application might take 72 hours, and so you need to apply in advance to prevent unnecessary hassles later.

Walking Tours at Museums in Tucson

If you are a fan of history and art, The Tucson Museum of Art must bag the first spot on your “must-see” list.  It includes an expansive area of 74,000 sq. feet where all the permanent and revolving art pieces are exhibited. You might also like taking a stroll around the historic homes here that are restored to their original splendour and spread over a vast area of approx. 4 acres.

Next in line is the Pima Air & Space Museum. This internationally famed attraction is one of the largest non-governmental aerospace museums in the world and features almost 300 civil, commercial, experimental, and military aircraft. If you are visiting with your kids, this could be a great educational opportunity for them to get familiarized with aviation, astronomy, and space history.

You can also check out the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum. It is enlisted on the National Register of Historic Places and stores legendary art pieces created by renowned Arizonian artist- Ted DeGrazia. Ramble around the exhibits, murals and gift shop and grab glimpses of the glorious southwestern art and architecture.

Exploring the Tucson Landmarks

One of the most enchanting landmarks of Tucson is its downtown, where you can either opt for a guided tour or start unravelling the paths yourself. Here you will encounter many historical venues like J Knock Corbett House, Cathedral of Saint Augustine, and Old Town Artisans. Take a stop at the Pima County Courthouse, which is a prominent tourist destination featuring Spanish Colonial architecture.

History fans have to visit El Presidio Park, which is a lush green space with deep historical significance. If lucky, you might also be able to participate in the Tucson Folk Festival.

Your trip to Tuscon is incomplete without exploring the scenic walking trails offered by this city. Go hiking on Bear Canyon Trail, have a pleasant workout session at Rillito River Park, enjoy biking at Reid Park, or catch some fresh air at The Loop. The possibilities and fun ideas at Tucson’s walking trails are unlimited.

Best Sunset Spots in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona, is beautiful almost every hour of the day, but there is something special about its sunsets. When the tiredness of the day starts to fade and the night is just about to come to life, Tucson’s sky is filled with dreamy colours that would take your breath away.

If you are travelling with your partner, a romantic evening date at Saguaro National Park East is everything you need to end a day. The region has incredible wildlife and vegetation diversity. Watching the shades of pink and purple emerge in the sky while resting in a serene environment would be a heavenly experience.

Your next vantage point for a perfect sunset could be Mission San Xavier Del Bac, a historic landmark located nine miles from Tucson. This church could easily be spotted from far away, thanks to its sky-touching domes and distinct structure.

The view would be the best if you climb over a nearby hilltop and watch the sunset while sparkling its glow on the white towers. For the kind of sunsets, you see in movies, head to Gates Pass.

This mountain apex is a favourite local spot of natives, and you need to arrive a little early to grab the best seat. Also, try the Windy Point to get an overall view of the city while watching the setting sun. The sight of mountains meeting the city in the golden painted sky looks otherworldly.

Ready to visit the wonderland of Arizona? Go grab your planner and start chalking out your trip plan! Don’t forget to apply for an ESTA application before finalizing on travel dates. You will need to obtain proper ESTA confirmation for you and your company before entering the States.

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