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Planning a Christian-friendly Vacation

For Christian individuals, couples and family, traveling can be an important way to feel recharged, reconnected, and revitalized.

Christians who follow their religion feel that while work is a gift, so is time to rest. Based on the teachings of the Bible, work is good because God commands and exemplifies it, but rest is good as well. According to Biblical teachings, God rested after creating the heavens and the earth.

In fact, the fourth commandment specifically says to rest. Israel is promised blessings when resting from their labors.

When you take breaks and rest, including through travel, you’re allowing your mind and body to be ready to get back to work. Rest isn’t your goal, based on scriptures. Instead, it’s a period you can enter and then leave and get back on track with what you’re called to do in your life.

Choosing a Christian-friendly travel destination is one that can be a big decision. You may want something that is in line with your values and has activities and attractions that might have religious significance to you.

Finding a Christian-friendly vacation could also mean that you go somewhere modesty is appreciated or that you’re around other like-minded people. It could also simply mean that you go somewhere quiet for tranquil reflection or that you have opportunities for religious worship.

Regardless of your particular goals, the following are some tips and ideas to plan a Christian-friendly vacation.

How Can You Benefit From Christian Travel?

We’ve generally touched on some of the benefits of Christian travel above, but others that are specific include:

  • You might be able to learn more about your faith when you experience Christian travel. This could mean that you’re learning more about the history of your religion or discovering new things about the Bible, for example. You could also travel to different cultures and engage with them, or you could experience different denominations than your own when traveling. Experience is an important part of life and faith.
  • If you plan a trip that centers around your faith, then you might feel more comfortable and secure no matter where you go. You can surround yourself with other people who are prioritizing their religion in their lives. Of course, you can’t always insulate yourself from the secular world, but you might enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people, at least insofar as religion goes.
  • If you plan a Christian-centric vacation as an individual or family, you can make long-lasting friendships and connections with other people.
  • Traveling can be an important part of strengthening your marriage. When you take time away as a couple, you are honoring your spouse and showing you hold your relationship in high regard.

Know Where Not To Go

If you take your faith and religion seriously, you likely don’t want to put your values aside because you’re traveling. You could feel uncomfortable in some destinations more so than others. For example, Las Vegas is known as Sin City, and if you’re a Christian, you might avoid it.

For some people visiting bigger cities can be a bit stressful for them, especially if they have young kids that maybe they don’t want exposed to certain secular things.

Where Should You Go?

Some of the places that are great in the U.S. to travel if you’re looking to stay in line with your Christian faith include:

  • Branson, Missouri: This family-friendly resort community is home to JESUS at Sight & Sound Theatres. This show brings God to the stage. The performance, meant to be uplifting and inspiring, travels along with Jesus and the miracles he performs. The show brings to life the Bible, and the production gives you unique insight into his life. Sight & Sound is the most famous Christian theater in the world, and it also has a location in Pennsylvania. The theater seats 2,000 guests and has a 300-foot stage surrounding the audience from three sides, along with special effects and an advanced lighting and sound system.
  • Petersburg, Kentucky: This Kentucky town makes a great Christian travel destination because it’s home to The Creation Museum. The Creation Museum attracts thousands of visitors each year and includes a zoo, adventure course, planetarium, and biblical history exhibits.
  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee: There are a lot of wholesome, family-friendly activities in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas of East Tennessee. Christ in the Smokies is one spot for Christians where you’ll find experiences of your favorite Bible scenes and stories. Children can enjoy and learn, and parents can relax as you walk through the museum and garden in the Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountains themselves can also feel like they connect you with your spirituality, thanks to the peaceful, natural beauty. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited in the country.
  • Orlando, Florida: Orlando is arguably one of the most family-friendly locations in the country and perhaps the world for travel. Of the many attractions in Orlando is The Holy Land Experience. The Holy Land Experience is close to other major Orlando theme parks but lets you enjoy an interactive religious experience.
  • Christian Cruises: There are Christian cruise options that you might not have even realized existed. For example, Inspiration Cruises is a company focusing on helping travelers stay spiritually connected. There are international cruises to places of special religious significance like Israel. There are also options where you can stay in the U.S. and cruise to Alaska. The cruises feature Christian speakers, and they create an immersive, spiritual journey.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: Some religious travelers enjoy visiting Salt Lake City. Historic Temple Square spans 35 acres and is a hub of Utah’s cultural and religious activity. It’s also beautiful scenically, and you can learn about the construction of the temple and experience the Tabernacle Choir.
  • Volunteer trips: Another fantastic way to travel as a Christian is as part of a mission or relief group. You can give back while also seeing parts of the country and world you might not otherwise experience.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a Christian-centric destination to stay connected to your religion when you travel, but it is an option some travelers prefer.


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